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The Throne of Satan(Zeus)


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The Throne of Satan(Zeus)




 In the first century, it was a thriving city, but after countless wars and natural disasters, the temples of Pergamon lay in ruins. By the mid-19th century, the once-great city of Pergamon was barely a memory. 


Locals used this site as a quarry, looting the marble for new buildings, until 1864, when a German engineer paid a visit to Pergamum. Carl Humann was shocked by the destruction of the priceless artifacts, so he got permission to excavate the ancient city himself. What he found was one of the greatest monuments in ancient history: the Altar of Zeus.

Stone by stone, the altar was excavated and taken to Berlin, where it was reassembled and placed in its own museum. The Pergamum Museum opened in 1930, with the altar as its centerpiece.   


Germany’s new chancellor, Adolf Hitler, had commissioned Albert Speer to design the parade grounds for the party rallies in Nuremberg. For inspiration, Speer turned to the Pergamon Altar giving all the credit to Hitler. Using the altar as his model, Speer created a colossal grandstand at the rally grounds in Nuremberg. It became known as the Zeppelintribüne. After the war, only a small part of it was left standing. “If you look at the kinds of ceremonies that were on display at Zeppelin field with the reconstructed temple there patterned on the Pergamum Altar, you'll see photographs of Hitler, descending down the steps, like a tribune of the people from old Roman times,” says Santoro.

In the middle of the grandstand, where the bronze Altar of Zeus stood in ancient Pergamon, Albert Speer built Hitler’s podium. Hitler wanted to create what he called a "mass experience," and Speer came up with the perfect idea.


Most of the Nuremberg rallies were held at night, so Speer surrounded the grandstand with 150 searchlights. The columns of light extended for miles in the sky, creating the mystical effect Hitler wanted: 

"The concluding meeting in Nuremberg must be exactly as solemnly and ceremonially performed as a service of the Catholic Church." This effect was known as the "Cathedral of Light,” and it became a hallmark of Hitler’s events. It was even used in the closing ceremonies of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin...Inside the rally grounds, thousands of Nazi Party members marched in torchlight parades.


Hitler mesmerized the crowds:  

"Not every one of you sees me and I do not see every one of you. But I feel you... and you feel me!" Then under the Cathedral of Light, thousands of Germans swore what they called a “holy oath."

It was also in Nuremberg that Hitler used the phrase “Final Solution” for the first time in public. “Bitter complaints have come in from countless places citing the provocative behavior of Jews. This law is an attempt to find a legislative solution. If this attempt fails, it will be necessary to transfer [the Jewish problem] ... to the National Socialist party for a final solution." The Nuremberg Laws stripped the Jews of their rights as citizens.

Jewish people in Germany were subjects of the Reich, but not citizens.” Hitler's "Final Solution" is now known as the Holocaust, a word that comes from a Greek word meaning "a wholly burnt animal sacrifice."


In AD 92, the faithful martyr Antipas died, a "wholly burnt sacrifice" on the altar of Zeus in Pergamon, the place the Book of Revelation calls "the Throne of Satan." Centuries later in Nuremberg, in the center of a redesigned Pergamon Altar, the bronze bull was replaced by a podium. From there, Adolf Hitler announced his "Final Solution" to the world... and this time, the burnt sacrifice was six million Jews.




More info to add coming shortly.

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