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EE step 3: Is it really so hard to make the toss from Odin's left foot

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So I am of course talking about bo2 origins, and step 3, rain fire. I know the general opinion for soloing this stepis to get it from Odin's right foot, the one in the soul chest footprint, but I've had little success with it honestly, round ending, missing the foot because I'm being slapped the shit out of by the zombie I'm trying to keep alive.


However, I was soloing the ee last night, and I got sick of waiting for his right foot, I tried it from his left, the less common one, I know the drawback is having to throw the G-Strike before you even see the seal, but you can compensate by knowing where to aim (over the boxes). That was my first try going from the left and I was worried because I'd already used the Rituals of the Ancients max ammo, but lo and behold, I got it first try, and was able to stop the round ending because the zombie got knocked over thanks to the first footstep off the map, giving me a chance to get in before he got there and got crushed


But yeah, aside from having to be accurate with the G-Strike, that foot seems a lot easier


If you do happen to struggle with this step, as I really did in the beginning, give the other foot a try and let me know how it goes


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