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PaPing Apothican Servant - your method?

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I've seen so many methods as to how to do this, figured I'd start a chat and see what methods people use.


Firstly, I start at Nacht and hit that one there, which I think everyone does.

Secondly, I stand on the stairs in Shang leading up to Eisendrache - just stand there, you can see the rock above the entrance, nice clear hit.

Lastly, you can hit three of them from Verruckt, so I finish there. One from the top launchpad first, then two from the ritual stand - you'll see the one to the left, and the smaller one to the right which doesn't actually do the whole thing of getting surrounded by the purple haze, which I think is a glitch as it doesn't disappear immediately still but you just can't see anything around it. So I tend to just shoot it until it goes, though it's quite easy to hit so normally I only use 2-3 shots. I find that this way, all the rocks are nice and easy to hit :smile:

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I shoot my first one from spawn, then I head over to mob of the dead and shoot that one near the portal, then I got to veruckt and shoot one that you can see from a jump pad, and another you can see near the portal, then I go to DE and either shoot it from the portal or from Shang stairs

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Personal preference: 

1 from the corruption engine area in DE

1 from the corruption engine area in Mob

1 from the jump pad to Mob from Veruckt 

2 from Nacht  (the area upstairs where you get the bone from. If you face the the rock/bone, there's one to the right and one to the left near the bottom left corner of the floating rock.)

Might not be the absolute fastest way, but it feels like the fastest way for me to do it.

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