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BO3 PC: Turning off aim assist

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Does anyone know of any way to turn off the godforsaken aim assist on Black Ops 3? I like to play zombies with a controller, as I always have starting from my days of WaW zombies, but the aim assist in zombies is extremely annoying and discourages me from playing zombies on PC. Particularly when you're running a train and your sight keeps gravitating towards the zombies even without aiming down your sight. 


It is, without a doubt, the number one problem plaguing bo3 zombies at the moment and yet because barely anyone plays bo3 on PC no solutions have been presented. Well, most people may not care about it for now, but soon modtools for PC are going to be released, and when that happens there will be an influx of bo3 players on PC for the custom zombies alone and at that point it won't be a problem for just a few people anymore. So before then I hope someone can find a solution or at least get the devs to add the option of turning aim assist off, at LEAST for zombies. 


If someone could provide me an answer to my dilemma I'd be extremely grateful, because I've tried searching through the steam files and googling this and yet no one, myself included, has been able to provide me with an answer. 


Also, I'll say this now before anyone gets a chance to, TARGET ASSIST IS NOT AIM ASSIST. SO DO NOT TELL ME TO TURN IT OFF IN THE MENU. Amazingly enough, both target assist and aim assist can be turned on and off on the consoles. Which begs the question why does the PC, which is supposed to be the most customizable platform have less customizations than consoles?

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