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QuaK Rage

Looking for Easter egg/Recording Team

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Hello :^)
My name is QuaK Rage, owner of the team QuaK. In this team, I am the only member who playss zombies religiously. I have been able to do all the Black Ops III easter eggs on my own except shadows of evil, for which I need a team. That's why I came here - I am asking for 3 additional people to form a zombies easter egg and recording team. I play on Xbox One, so you need to have that. Once we get Gorod Krovi, we could record videos on it and if myself and the other owner like you, you may even become part of Team QuaK (Might be the 'Team QuaK Zombies Division', if the leaders and you guys are up for it)!
I know, I know, try to contain yourselves. Anyway, it would be preferred if you were in the GMT/BST (Basically, Britain) timezones as that is where I am. You need to be able to play lots and for the most part, when we arrange to. Skype would be useful too :^)
Click here to go to my YouTube channel to see if you like my personality and if you like my scontent, why don't you drop a like (plz)!
If you want to get involved in my Zombies team, then reply to this post or contact me via Skype (quakrage)
Thanks and I hope we can do the SOE Easter Egg together because I expect it's gonna drive us nuts :^)
-QuaK Rage

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