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Requix's Tips & Tricks 
 Der Eisendrache
Iv completed the Easter Egg many times and have done it successfully by executing everything in this guide. Everything this here is possible and can be done with 3 people. Iv made this guide for those who are using a team of 3 but no matter how many you have Rounds 1 & 2 will always give you the upper hand. Enjoy and I hope this can help you complete the Easter Egg or help you out for High rounds!
Round 1
Round 1

1 person get 750 points

6 shots + 1 Knife for maximum points
Open first door 
1 person get 1000 points
Get 100 points from Quick Revive
6 shots + 1 Knife on 1 Zombie
Get 100 points from Double Tap 
Open second door
(Turn on Landing Pad, grab shield part, person with the Highest score should then feed remaining zombies to the Dragon)



Round 2


Round 2

1 person get 1250 points while feeding zombies 1 at a time to Dragon. Once you have 1250 head up and buy the third door.

Mean while the player with the second highest score should be feeding the zombies to Dragon and gaining 1500 points for the fourth door. ( Remember to shoot 8 times in the leg then knife for maximum points.)
(Don't send the Pack-A-Punch pieces by Death Ray. Hit the Landing Pad, grab remaining shield parts, Build at Church table.) 
1 person can feed the Dragon by the MPD while 2 can feed the other in Church. (You can do switch it up)



Round 3-4


Round 3-4

By this time you should have enough Zombies to finish both Dragons. If your lucky and have 1 zombie left you can collect your bow and start upgrading. (If 1 Dragon isn't finished end the round and be sure to keep last zombie alive!)


Round 4-5
Round 4-8

Work on upgrading everyone's bows but allow the first person finished to get all the kills so that you can start Wisps. 

(be sure to keep last zombie alive)



Round 9


Round 9

Complete first set of wisps, travel back in time, and have 1 person hold a zombie until Simon Says is complete.


Round 10-12


Round 10-12

Now those who don't have bows upgraded may finish, also work towards getting perks..etc. Also complete wisps and get the stone. (Remember to place stone by the Keeper at Tire)


You can also try for The Plunger. Just keep a zombie until it's complete.


How to get The Plunger



Round 12-16


Round 12-16

Complete the Keepers. Doing this with 3 people on a RANKED MATCH it will choose 1 of the 3 bows that have been completed when collecting soul on the 4th Keeper. (Place the Soul canister on the MPD)


Round 17-18
Round 17-18

Collect final perks and get your weapons ready for the Boss round. DO NOT hesitate on leaving because usually someone will go down and lose everything which hurts chance of everyone complete the Boss round successfully. Especially if running Perk-Aholic use Aftertaste and don't use a Pheonix Up. Every one should use an Aftertaste Iv found its more efficient. Monkeys are a must before you head to the boss fight.



Make sure every one runs counter clockwise, call out whose going to place DG-4s and when. If some one goes down don't panic those with Quick Revive will pick them up on the next lap. First one who killed a panzer will one hit panzers when the can. When DG-4s are place throw a Monkey and call out which direction the boss is facing.

Do as much damage as possible and if done right you should get a max ammo. If you don't receive a max ammo and every one cant use DG-4 make sure you hide behind a pillar before boss slams. Complete 3 successful rounds of damage to the Boss and you will have completed the Easter Egg. 



Lastly have fun and enjoy some high rounds!!


leave a comment below if this helped you out, also let us know some of your own tips to add!

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