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Gobble Gum Team Setups


Here below is 1 of many Team Gobble Gum Setups. This is focused toward the 4 person Easter Egg and is again 1 of many different options during your atempts. More to come and I hope you enjoy. 


 This 1st Setup utilizes Perkaholic giving you access to all perks. Obtaining this along side the Aftertaste Gobble Gum can maximize efforts during the flag rounds & can come in handy while killing the Shadow Man.

 Fire Sale gives your team 3 tries for a Ray Gun & Lil' Arnies. It's essential that at least one member obtains the Ray Gun, but it's manditory that some one has Lil'Arnies. 

 Phoenix Up is very vital for those without Aftertaste. As long as 2+ players are carrying this Gobble Gum you'll have a backup if thing go out of hand. (Recommend for Flag Rounds &Shadown Man)

In Plain Sight is an optional choice to your set up. You should activate this Gobblem Gum not only in bad situations, but rather if you plan on being the player holding X/⏹ awaiting the Shadow Mans placement over PaP Alter.



On the House can also be a replacement for In Plain Sight. This doesn't benifit you it only makes your team stronger. Once your team has all 4 of their Perks you'll provide a 5th.


image.thumb.jpeg.a77cf1ce26a215d4a3aa6cbIn this 3rd set up you'll see another On The House giving a 6th perk to those with out Perkaholic. Utilizing Aftertaste as well as Phoenix Up, Fire Sale (Arnies, Arnies, Arnies!), and In Plain Sight.


In the 4th set up you'll see another On The House giving that 7th perk to those with out Perkaholic. Utilizing Aftertaste as well as Pheonix Up, Fire Sale (Arnies, Arnies, Arnies!), and Alchemical Anthsis. I placed this Gobblem Gum in because it comes in handy when ammo is short and Flags haven't gone perfectly. Gain some ammo for the Apothacan Servemt or keep some bullets in that Ray Gun! You might need them!

SoE: Team Setup #1




Honorable Mention:


Wall Power is a great choice if your have a couple available. If you want to start your EE run with a PaP gun in the early rounds grab 1 Wall Weapon while this is equipped and you will be set! Wall Weapon Recommendations: $750 KRM-262 (Junction), $1250 KN-44 (Footlight & Canal), or $1600 HVK-30 (Waterfront)


Licensed Contractor has seemed to be one of the less valued Gobble Gum among the players ive spoke with. However when a team mate gets ahold of this not only does it allow you up to 3x to fix the windows, but give every one on the team a free 600 points! In all honestly it should be at least 3rd or 4th pick on your bench.





Will have more shortly thank you.
I have other Gobble Gum Team Setups that will be updated into the OP. I just wanted to throw this out to those looking for Team Tips or something to try on  their Shadows of Evil Easter Egg run!


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Thanks, this will be very useful in the future, since I tried the ee last night but failed it due to connection issues. Maybe do some custom load outs for high rounds. 

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