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So, let's just talk about the video alone. Something is obviously wrong. There were not originally two richtofens. We would have heard SOMETHING on the radio in Der Reise. 

Also, the test subjects, who are they? One would assume it was Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo in their older forms... but I would like to point something out.

In Kino Der Toten, one of the characters, when activating the portrait of Richtofen, points out that he looks younger. Is this to say that that portrait was made before the others, or that Richtofen looks wrong.

Let's use the precedence of Richtofen in the Giant shooting his older self as pretext for this theory: the very same Richtofen went to Ship No Numa, and killed yet another Richtofen who was there, and took his place.

Now... how does this explain the test subjects? Simple: the characters, aside from Richtofen, we're not the same version of character as the Shit No Numa crew. Nor are they the same as the Origins Crew.

The only character that we truly follow is Richtofen.

So where are the other Origins crew members?

I will draw your attention to the first line of the Call of the Dead EE song.

"Gone! Cast away in time!"

That is where Origins Richtofen's crew is.


I think that the actual, real, and true story for the entire Call of Duty Zombies universe is the most cliched time travel/multiverse story possible.

  • Genius discovers by accident
  • Genius proven not so genius
  • Genius makes mistake, and breaks rules
  • Genius kills friends
  • Genius tries to save them
  • Genius makes it worse
  • The problem gets bigger, and the paradox never ends
  • Genius goes back to the beginning, and destroys mode of time travel
  • genius with lack of future selfs experience fuck it up a different way.


Richtofen mucked up at some point after Origins, lost or killed his friends, and is trying to fix it. 

He never truly does... as we see in Buried.

Believe me.


I don't care.

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First off, the two Richtofens are from different universes. Secondly the Richtofen we see who gets killed is from an alternate universe to any map we have had so far but is just close to the one in the old games. Not sure what you are trying to say about the Origins group, they specifically say they have been travelling in time for 2 years to places like Brazil and the Moon, until they met Richtofen again in the Giant who had been doing stuff on his own. I don't know what you mean by the genius thing, theirs a time loop in zombies that spans over a multitude of worlds which exists as a way to stop a great evil. Buried is set after the Richtofen of that universe goes into control, leaving the others on the Moon to do who knows what.

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