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So I made an account to voice some of my ideas for the Easter egg.

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• There is a way to upgrade the Annihilator with the gumball. 

• There is an achievement for having the WW, monkeys, and Ray gun. Maybe teleport holding them. Use each teleporter maybe it will change the wall lights.

• Maybe shoot the hanging man, clock at mainframe, robot head, plane, or any other objects that could be shot at with the upgraded annilihator.

• Buy staminup and use the gumball that allows you to shoot while sprinting. Maybe use both and shoot at the robot.

• The gun that is on the summoning key pic Easter egg, maybe double pack it until you get the thunder gun effect and shoot at the robot or plane.

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First of all, welcome to the forums! I'll try some of the things you mentioned later tonight when I get on to see if anything happens, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

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3 hours ago, techn989 said:

Thanks man. Maybe try upgrading annilihator with all 4 characters at the same time.

If I can get people to cooperate, I'll do just that. I'm going to try these things now I'm home, I'll share my findings when I'm done.

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13 hours ago, techn989 said:

So what did u find out?

Alright, so I couldn't find a way to upgrade the Annihilator, so most of the things on the list are ruled out as possible things to try. 


I shot all significant objects I could see with standard Annihilator and upgraded KN-44 with multiple effects including Thunder Wall. Unfortunately nothing. I even tried to shoot rockets at them, to no avail.


Every game I had, Deadshot spawned instead of Staminup, so I got fed up in the end. I also couldn't get the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe and Monkey bombs at one time, so I'll have to have to try it some other time. 


Maybe you'll have a luckier shot at trying your ideas, then you can post what you find too.

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