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A 2nd Richtofen

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I know Richtofen died but how can there be a second richtofen but he looks older than the other richtofen i think maybe richtofen invented a time machine (or cloning device) to see his future self but instead he killed him sure he looks diffrent they both have the same voice but the first richtofen was accualy a diffrent model (world at war model) but this takes place before der rise (the giant) but its the orgins crew we will be playing as. so we will be playing before der rise happend as the orgins characters.

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One of the Richtofens is from Origins (I'll aptly use YR to refer to him for the sake of this comment), and one of them is the one that we know, the one that takes over the world (I'll refer to him as OR).

My idea is that, after Samantha teleported them from Origins, they gained a knowledge of what needs to happen (whether or not that means that they needed to stop or cause the story we know), and were sent to Der Riese facility (The Giant facility). They (exempting YR) arrive there as OR teleports Samantha and Maxis away; they tell him that things must be set in motion, the test subjects must be awakened, yadda yadda. They protect OR, OR opens teleporter, YR shows up, YR shoots OR. That moment changes the storyline, right there. Whether or not "The Giant" aims to fix or further break the issue, I don't know. But it's not quite your theory. Not quite... but the timeline portion sounds correct. It is a bit before the Der Riese with the O4.

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