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Game Over: Second part of the story to Eddy's Turn

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Game Over


It was a cold, autumn morning. Leaves were beginning to turn from a light green to a burnt orange. A car drives through a small village, it travels upwards and continues up a hill. It then follows a road upwards towards a lighthouse. The light slowly turns and floods the sea. Three people exit the car, a child, a father and a mother. They hurriedly knock on the door of a small white cottage that is next to the lighthouse. A man with a beard opens the door, he greets the parents and talks to them. Eddy looks into the house towards Samantha, she looks sad. His father reaches down and ruffles his hair, telling him to be good. His mother then kisses him on the forehead and says goodbye. They then leave and drive away in their car. Samantha's father lets Eddy in the house, putting his hand on his shoulder. Samantha then takes Eddy upstairs.


They enter a room, much like Samantha's room. But this room is untouched and empty. She takes his suitcase off of him and puts it on the bed. After this, the two go to Samantha's room. Looking around, Eddy sees that things are not how he remembers them. The toys are mostly missing, with the exception of their main heroes and Samantha's teddy bear. She tells him that she moved the toys to the basement to keep them safer. Her father calls out to them, telling them that they must go to the basement immediately. He sounds very panicked. Quickly, they run down into the basement, Samantha luckily grabs Fluffy's collar and brings her with her. Once they have reached the basement, Maxis quickly shuts the door. He locks the door many times, in many different ways and even goes as far as to put a fridge and sofa in front of it.


The sound of banging can be heard, it continues until the door is broken down. Maxis puts his fingers to his lips and tells the children to be quiet, even Fluffy complies. He puts his ear to the door, listening for what could be in the house. On the other side, a zombie seemingly does the same. Maxis produces a Mauser C96 and is ready to shoot the zombie if it enters the room. For a moment, things are quiet. Then the door begins to loudly bang as the zombie smashes against it. The fridge falls down and the locks begin to break. Aiming his gun at the door, Maxis shields the children behind. The door falls down and the zombie stands in front of them, staring with his blue eyes. It prepares to lung but a knife pierces his skull. Scared, Maxis keeps his gun aimed forward. Swiftly, a person enters, pushed the zombie body out and tries to restore the barricade to the door. "We don't have long, we need to exit out of the storm shutters. Be quiet though, they are all out front." Maxis complies to his demands, not knowing who he is. The undead begin to smell the humans and edge towards the door. Once they have entered, they find the room to be empty. With no sign of life.


The group run into the lighthouse and close the door. By now they have surely attracted the attention of the undead. Yet again they barricade the door, they then run to the top of the lighthouse and block up the hatch. The person begins to tinker with the light and then leaves it alone. "I must leave, you will learn who I am soon but even if I told you it would be pointless. Shine the light into the sea, you will all be once you have done this." Before Maxis can ask why the person has gone, he didn't even remember what he looked or sounded like. Maxis shines the light into the sea. It pierces it and causes and causes the ground to rumble. The hill that they lived on fractures from the ground and disappears from the universe. No undead. No Maxis, Samantha, Eddy or Fluffy. Only silence. But soon, that silence will be broken... 



I know this a big change from my last story, it turned from funny and nice into a darker story. This story kind of leads up to a map concept I have been creating for a while, I have no idea when it will be done but this is at least a glimpse at what the location will be, what the story will be. But it does not say what the map is going to be, which is what I would call my perfect ending to the zombies story. After I am done with my other maps, that will be first in my priority. So look at for that because I think it will be a good read. Also, this story also had the aim of not having much dialogue which is something I needed to experiment on anyways, so tell me what you think!

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