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Call of Duty Zombies Lottery Game

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Lottery Game


How to Play:


What do the numbers mean, Mason?


Select 4 numbers, which we will call a "group. The numbers may be any number between zero to nine

The four numbers may the same as another, different and in any order desired.

When posting your group, you must post your username before the group. Otherwise, your group

will not be counted in the final drawing. Here's an example of a proper group post:



User - X.X.X.X




BOX - Signifies that this group contains all numbers matching all winning numbers in any order, you win.

STR (Straight) - Signifies the group of numbers must match the winning numbers in the exact order.


After you've selected your numbers, you must choose which mode you wish to play the numbers as well.



User - X.X.X.X/BOX


User - X.X.X.X/STR


How to Win:


To win, you must get all four numbers to match the winning group of numbers. 

The winning numbers will be selected at random prior to the next round.

Each round will last 1 week.

When the results are posted, look for your username in the results list posted at the end of the week.

If you see any number of (*) next to your name, you may have missed something:


* = You were off my one number! 2XP added! 

** = You posted too many groups/numbers!

*** = You forgot to select a mode!

**** = You forgot to put your username with your group!


If you are only off by one number, don't fret! 

Those who miss the round by one number are awarded 2XP for the following round.

2XP allows players to post an extra group of numbers for one round.

If a player is off by one number, and used the STR mode, they are awarded 2XP for 5 rounds. 


And last but certainly not least,




Prizes will be awarded to winners, and the prizes vary depending on the mode used:


BOX Group Prize - A customized userbar of choice made by Undad.

STR Group Prize - A customized userbar of choice made + free original artwork commission by Undad





Art example



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Anyone? You know you want to!


Here's a sample post of what you guys basically have to do:


Ex: Undad -


And that's it! 


Also, no promises, but given there's endless combinations and only one set to win, hopefully a medal of sorts could be included as a prize... *ahem* Hells Warrrior

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