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Ideals of the Loop


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So I was thinking over how our storyline works with the loop where we go back to the start and suddenly someone I was subscribed to named Rad Austins 27 uploaded a video which was quite close to how I thought of the loop. He may have had a few facts wrong but in this post I want to expand and improve on his video.


In our story the best place to start from really is Origins. In this map we can hear Samantha who shouldn't exist in this world, a world with giant robots and a large quantity of 115. This world still follows some traits akin to our world with The Great War and such but it is not our world and is not the world we have usually seen in our zombies story. What had happened was when the loop happened it had brought us to this strange world which is still the beginning of our story. Since Samantha had technically no tangible existence here she was put in Agartha. While here she still had control over the undead but not a large control as she could not control the Ancient zombies. Samantha would be scared and not know what to do until she noticed her father here. She pleaded with him to help her by accessing Agartha and he believed her. Knowing how powerful 115 is and seeing examples of it pulling things through time it was no surprise to him that he had a daughter in another world who needed his help in this world. So he rebuilt the staffs. Then sadly an infection spread upon the excavation site, killing almost everybody and turning them to living dead. Maxis had been infected also and died, he hadn't become a zombie like a few other of the infected in Origins. Samantha thought she would be trapped for ever. Then something happened in her favor. Somebody she thought would have left him for dead had salvaged his brain and preserved it. Then 3 men entered the same bunker this had happened in. Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Edward Richtofen and Takeo Masaki had met here. This was the perfect opportunity for Samantha as she had 4 willing people to help save her as long as she told them they would be rewarded.


After rebuilding the staffs and saving Maxis by putting his brain into a Quadrotor our heroes managed to save Samantha by opening the gateway to Agartha. When this had finally happened Samantha was free to live in this new world and do whatever she wished, I will come back to after Origins later. But it isn't that simple. The ending we saw depicted what happened near the beginning of our original zombies universe. Samantha and Richtofen as a child were playing with toys and creating the story they actually live in. The plan Maxis had was to take an idea from Samantha and Eddie's game and create a group named 935. This group would do what Samantha had created in her story. Improve the human condition through science. If you want to know why Richtofen is there as a child it is simple. His parents died and he looked up to Maxis as a father, we know this from Origins, it was a code that was found. Now here is where the theory/ idea becomes more interesting. With her power in Agartha, Samantha could change what had happened in Origins making giant robots not exist and zombies not exist either. She also made any 115 in the excavation site cease to be. 


What happened after is what we already know. Richtofen by chance had found these men again and abducted them, he wiped there memories as he somehow knew they would be perfect for Super Soldiers. We went from Verruckt to Der Riese where Richtofen had found the Wunderwaffe, which when he found sent him to the future so he could finish his plans.. Then through Black Ops he obtained the Vril Device and Focusing Stone. He then reached the Moon following what had happened in the story he and Sam had created as children. When he was finally in control of the zombies he had got what he had wanted in his game and in real life. To have his turn in the game. Richtofen had planned to control humanity but something happened. Maxis had blown up the Earth and killed billions of people so Richtofen could not be in control of them. But he could control their corpses and turn them into zombies, but in my opinion their had already been an apocalypse for at least 3 weeks if not more before the rockets hit.


We then get to Black Ops 2. There is a struggle between Maxis and Richtofen reaching Agartha and getting ultimate power. We can either follow their paths or ignore them giving us 3 definitive main timelines. It does not matter which one we follow in my opinion, all that matters is these new timelines exist. In one Maxis destroys the Earth even more and essentially rips apart the whole of that universe to save Samantha. In the other we give Richtofen full control which lets him either control Samuel or essentially reign over his new world. The problem is at one Marlton, Misty, Russman and Samuel must die since we see their bodies in Richtofen's Easter Egg as we walk around. My belief is Richtofen had got control but it wasn't what he wanted and he created infinite mode and other things to test his ability but got tired so he eventually would do the same to the earth as Maxis did. So in my eyes both endings end to nothingness. But if you do no side of the Easter Eggs you don't let anyone gain power and leave it a nice open book for next game. Whatever happens after is unknown and does not matter for the time being. All that matters is we loop and go back to Origins again and have our story it goes on and on and if Treyarch want to change that they have the free will too.


I hope people liked me giving my ideas about certain things in the story while trying to make sense of it, its obviously a theory and does not have to be true at all. Please say things you think may be false and don't work etc or tell me if you liked me ideas.

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