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Guest Electric Jesus

INSANE shangri-la time travel theory!

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Guest Electric Jesus

Hey guys, I don't know why this idea hit me, but boy did it hit me.

WARNING: you may want to go get a soda, and maybe some popcorn. I can tell this is going to be a long post.

Ok, so, the main things that got me started on this is a hint on the two most recent loading screens. Well, on the moon one it says MEANWHILE... This seems to imply that the events that were previously pictured happen at the same general time as the ones shown here. So, shangri-la got attacked by tornadoes while the heroes went to the moon? NO!

I have a sort of farfetch'd theory related to the shangri-la screen. You know how all of that ancient pottery has pictures of aliens on it? Some people think this proves that sliens built the pyramids. *ALIENS* :lol: anyway I'm sure the aliens' ships weren't just discs. I bet they had crazy electronic gizmos and what not. However the Mayans drew them in the image of stuff they were familiar with, like dishes!

Soooooooo, maybe the inhabitants of SL found out how to activate the time travel/teleportation. They drew what they thought they saw. A vortex. Flashing lights in the sky. A flying sensation. Sounds like how I'd describe going through time and space! Anyway, they drew a tornado and lightning to represent the lights and vortex they saw. The temple lifted off of the ground is just to show that it is being transferred a great distance through space, or the sky. the temple on the moon loading screen (in space) is to show that the temple was en route to mars during the events of noon. This leads me to my main theory.

Maybe, just maybe, the switches in SL take you into the FUTURE!

Ok, there are a lot of holes in this theory so I'll try to patch them all up here.

Firstly, as I said above, the events pictured in the SL loading screen take place after the time the heroes are there. So, if you go forward in time, THAT'S when you're on mars (eclipse)!

Secondly, it seems when it travels through time and space all of its contents and inhabitants go as well. One important thing to note is that I believe that if the temple is not in the correct time (mars in the future) it remains until every living soul leaves it.Then it automatically reverts to proper time (normal non-eclipse). This leads into part three.


This is where it begins to get bumpy. Essentially what I think is that AFTER the heroes leave SL, but BEFORE it goes to mars in the normal timeline, THAT is when Gary and Brock get there. They activated the time travel and were sent forward in time. Unfortunately they were sent to its position in the future, which happened to be mars.

Anyway, while on mars they leave behind radios, unaware that they are on a whole new planet from the one they just left. Then once they are trapped and die no souls remain in the temple, so the temple reverts to the present with the radios in it! Then we go to the future and step-by-step change the radios in the Easter egg.

trippy, but it makes sense! We all thought that the radios remained from the past and were found in the future, but they were really made in the future, pulled back from there, and then altered from the future!

So what does this mean for us? Well.., I don't know! But knowing (or assuming that you know) anything is a great step when it comes to treyarch!

Forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes. I typed this on my phone. :mrgreen:

Also I may have left out some holes in the theory so feel free to point any out!

[center:2d1sa7tm] I CRAVE YOUR CRITICISM!

IT SUSTAINS ME!!![/center:2d1sa7tm]

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