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Guest MNM1995

What was Maxis's intentions?

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Guest MNM1995


Above is a link to a youtube video by Lonelymailbox regarding Doctor Maxis's true intentions- good or evil? Well I have come up with another theory. In the video, lonelymailbox says that he doesn't think Maxis would go to the extent of blowing up the planet to stop Richtofen getting hold of the zombies, as it would destroy his hard work too. He also mentions a quote by Richtofen about Maxis wanting an 'Undead Army' to control. Now, whilst I always thought it was the Reichstag pressuring Maxis into making an undead army, it could hace been his intentions to take control of this army. He may have passed this info down to Richtofen, accidentally revealing too much. After beggining to distrust Richtofen, Maxis may have chosen to hide the two devices Richtofen needed in an attempt to slow his progression if he was trying to beat Maxis to control, these two items being the Golden Rod and The Meteor. Now I know the theory may be a little off, and there a few holes in it (like how did Maxis know of the Rod and Meteors existence?), but Zombies can explain everything off (even why the zombies get tougher as each wave progresses), so it is possible Maxis may have just been playing dumb or something when he first saw the pyramid, but didn't worry because he knew Samantha now knew of its powers and she could do the work for him. This is of course just a theory, but I'm interested in what everyone thinks about this, and whether this is perhaps holds some truth or are there just too many holes in it for even Treyarch to fix?

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Guest xX--AyRtOn--Xx

Well, I think too that Maxis knew a ton more than he showed, Maxis was running tests on Vril, who knows what he learned! Maxis is currently the character I'm wondering the most about, even knowing he's been introduced in Shi No Numa ( Radio in the Spawn area) we don't ACTUALLY know the true Maxis... We don't even know if he was shot in the radio message on moon, we don't know how he got into the computer... He's a mysterious person...

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Guest Verrückt

I am pretty sure that Richtofen and Maxis were doing experiments together on Vril, before Eddy discovered the MPD. Why? Many Nazis believed that Vril-Ya existed. Richtofen mentions on Moon that he was talking to Maxis about making a robot moving the black ball you get after excavating tunnel 6, and Maxis did not agree. I would not be surprised if Richtofen's role in 935 was set by Illuminati to stop Maxis from getting the control, but things went wrong and instead of stopping Ludwig, Ed started racing with him.

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Guest CrimsonZombie

Maxis is strange and is the one who was funded to do the project. He also had an interest in Sophia so how. This made the project slow down for the DG-2. This made Edward realize his unfit to led the 935 group.

Here is some quotes that he says on moon.

"Stop the madness, Edward, we were supposed to HELP the human condition, not destroy it."

Also Edward say this

"You Should have never kept the DG-2 from Production, you should have never tried to steal the plans for the M.P.D."

And in moon sam says First all find teddy then Sophia!

Maybe Maxis love "Sophia" lives?

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