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Guest Electric Jesus

Pentagon thief's origins!

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Guest Electric Jesus

This subject has been brought up before, but here is my personal spin on the subject!

The pentagon thief has always been mysterious. People have made many theories about his identity. I believe these are the best.

As he is in the pentagon, and ONLY in the pentagon, it makes sense that he is American. His threads suggest that he is a scientist who presumably worked there. The name that jumps out that fits that description is H.Porter. I believe this is EXACTLY who the thief is. I will explain the teleporters in a moment. He designed the raygun's upgraded version, the winter's howl, and possibly the pap machine. THIS EXPLAINS WHY HE IS A THIEF! He wants to steal back his inventions!

Ok do I think I know who he is, but oddly enough I don't know WHAT he is. He isn't a zombie because he doesn't attack you. These are my best 3 theories for WHAT he is.

1. A ghost

Corny, yes, but possible. He never dies regardless of how many times you seemingly kill him. He has a haze of colors and numbers around him and can turn invisible. He can teleport around without going into a teleporter. Maybe porter died in an experiment and came back to finish his work by stealing back his masterpieces.

2. George Romero

I don't mean he is literally a movie director, but he is simply infected by 115. Not quite human, not quite zombie. It explains the high health and speed and general human consciousness. Also this explains how he can die but return a few rounds later.

3. Multi-dimensional being

This might sound crazy, but it seems pretty good. Maybe porter was testing the new teleporter concept during the pentagon attack. When the power failed, he was in the process of teleporting. His body and soul are therefore trapped between aether and earth. This explains how he is immortal, can teleport even without teleporters, can interact with solid objects, appear as a haze, and project numbers. The numbers aren't the ones from campaign but a projection of his mind and thoughts. They are equations and formulas. He still seemingly dies because his projection is defeated, but his actual spirit in aether is controlling it. He isn't actually in it, or controls it temporarily.

So do any of you like these ideas? do they seem legit?

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Guest ZombieCarnage3

Agreed. Jk. But I do really like the last one, its a cool idea and it does explain all the facts.

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