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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Shangri La is on Moon/Earth

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

You've all probably heard Tac's idea about Shangri La actually being on Mars.

I have a similar idea, except I believe it is based on the Moon.

Now obviously, it was originally based on Earth, or else it is impossible that Brock and Gary could be there.

Here's my basis:

For starters, let's take a look at the loading screens.


you can clearly see several temples at Shangri La being picked up and moved in some sort of storm/vacuum.


Now on the moon loading screen you can see what's very easily the same pyramid as one of the ones shown before, drifting just above the surface with it's base facing the surface, then in later frame landing on the Moon, being inspected by astronauts.

Also note the bubble saying 'Meanwhile', and in from the ripped corner you can see the Shangri La page.

Meaning AS that's happening at Shangri La, that pyramid was ending up on Moon.

Coincidence? Highly doubt it.

Also, Moon makes sense here for a place to move it too, since we already know the Vril ya, who allegedly were at Shangri La, were surely on the moon (MPD).

Also, many of you argue the logical aspect of Shangri La being on another planet or Moon, but it's really not as complex as it sounds.

The technology required, would just be a larger scale version of Griffin Station tech. For example, it clearly has life support systems integrated and means of getting water, and the sun as a light source. So supporting plant life is possible, and with the plant life comes the possibility of supporting heterotrophs, like people or animals.

The oxygen, would be contained by an airlock force shield, which you're gonna call B.S. on at first, but just remember, what's that light wavy force field that keeps oxygen in the Moon airlocks even when the neighboring room is decompressed and unoxygenated? Oh yeah, SAME THING. just a lot smaller.

Next is the 'gravity issue'. I have no idea how this works, but when you hit the power two things you hear the lady say turn on are "Life Support Systems" and "ARTIFICIAL GRAVITY". That clears up you're gravity issue.

And if a bunch of rogue Nazis could build this tech, how could the aliens which created technology which they cannot even fully comprehend not be able to?

Now the issue of the red cliffs, could simply be that those cliffs were teleported along with the 'city'.

As you can see the red cliffs and mountains can be seen in the loading screen, which I presume is on Earth.

Which leads me to my next point, Brock and Gary. I believe that they stumbled across it on Earth, at the same time it was being transported, or just before, otherwise they're finding of it is nearly impossible.

I think normal daylight Shangri La, is on the Moon, but as Night during the eclipse, it's on Earth, because by going back in time you are also going back in destination since it's the time within the city no outside.

This could also explain how they got trapped, they may have come across it as it was in this stage.

And, this theory could explain why monkeys and landers show up in Shangri La. Since the Russians were sending them to the Moon to collect 115, I guess some stick around...

P.S. the oxygen shield would be selectively permeable like the Moon ones, air can't pass through, but people, and obviously large metal spacecraft, can pass through.

Now one of the last few things I'm working out on this idea is the WHY? question.

So far my best answer for that is it has some connection spiritually to the natives. In the game it's obvious some sort of soul or life force energy exists. Richtofen brought them to the Moon. Perhaps there's a bond between the natives and the land and it followed. Could explain the shangri la zombies on Moon and gas mask zombies at Shangri La.

That's what I've got.

Please feel free to ask questions/discuss.

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Guest MexicanIlluminati

There have been all of these theories that try to explain the issues of gravity, oxygen and the like yet ALL of them have failed to explain the waterfall. If daytime Shangri-La is indeed on the moon then what is the new source of water for the waterfall? THAT is the real enigma.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I think that the waterfall could recycle itself, kind of like a fountain would work.

Water goes down, falls into reservoir, is pumped back around to start, cycle continues.

The as natural as everything at Shangri La seems, much of it is artificial. Like the temples, the mines, etc.

My best back up for this is the waterfall button which when pressed seems to speed-up the current. I don't think would work on a natural waterfall.

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