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Guest Magna

The Faust Connection: The Devil's puppet (Richtofen)

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Guest Magna

There are three posters in Kino that seem to be hinting forwards future maps, Moon, and Call of the Dead. The third poster is Dr Faust. Now I know little of Faust, but in Drama I studied its alternate version Doctor Faustus. For those who don't know Marlowe's play, Faustus abjures faith, the trinity and all things good. He summons Mephistopheles, who proceeds to distract him, with things that maintain Faustus' deal to the devil. Towards the end of the play Faustus has the chance to repent, but caught between two different versions of the same god he is inevitably dragged to hell.

How does this relate to Call of Duty Zombies.


'On this earth, God's work is in our hands. Huzzah' - Kennedy

"I know there is a devil, for I see a storm coming, and his hand is in it!" - Kennedy

I chose those two quotes, because it clearly points at the possibility of the devil's influence, after all this kind of apocalypse is something he would want but he would need, someone to be his instrument and that instrument is Richtofen. And Now I move onto to Not Ready to Die.

Evil yours, now evil mine!

So I robbed you blind, the voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful sight,

The endless possibilities controlling 935.

My favorite part in the whole song, the voices I'm going to assume, are more than just his own, in other words, I wonder if the devil, or some aspect of him like Mephistopheles is communicating with Richtofen, making him aspire pride and power. Just like Faust and Faustus. It could also suggest more, that Richtofen aims to usurp Lucifer.

You can't break me! Crushed the fears of yesterday.

You can't change me! Barriers - our trust will fade.

More of a reference to his inevitable betrayal, but the bolded words, could be those 'voices', or his defiance to the Devil's power. After all he wants control, even if it means taking on a demon.

Through the madness we find royalty is no match for power or loyalty is no match for power (I believe it's this one)

Basically saying I'm going to betray you! but not just the gang, the devil himself. The Aether and MPD, grants supreme control over the undead, with them on his side, whats the stop Richtofen challenging the throne of hell.

I'll control the world one person at a time.

His aspiration of power, and pride. A sin that doomed Faustus and Faust in the play.

There is a long wind like scream in this song, which could reminds me of storm, or something. Difficult to put my finger on I'm afraid.

And finally there is the quote by Samantha in my signature, that something far worse than Richtofen lies in the Aether. The conclusive evidence that the Devil is playing for power, with Edward as his pawn.

The comparison, I'm getting at, is that Richtofen is our version of Faustus or Faust. Hence the poster in Kino Der Toten.

I wouldn't have come to this conclusion though, if not for the likes of Alphasnake, whose posts on Satan's involvement, more or less cemented my view. And if not for my study of Faustus, then I would never have correlated the similarities.

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Guest Rissole25

Richtofen is definitely a puppet. Whether it be to the Devil, or the Vril-Ya, or both even! I made a whole thread about the devil being the Demonic Announcer, but I also talk about how the Devil controlled everything. From teleporting Edward to the moon in his first teleportation, to the events now! Link is in my signature below :P

Anyway, there are quite a few threads about Faust in the Asylum in Research Facility, which if you haven't read, you should. 8-)

It's good to see more people believing Satan is involved. A lot of people don't, but it's clear as day if you can read between the lines, that there is satanic involvement in Nazi Zombies.

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Guest Magna

my bad, typed it in the search and nothing came up. But yeah, its obvious the devil is pulling the strings. And feel free using anything here, its interesting to note there a some devil like references in both the Moon song -Nightmare- and Not ready Die.

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Guest Rissole25

Oh I wasn't saying you shouldn't have searched them just before you wrote. I just meant check them out in general haha. Don't worry I can't find them either, but I do remember of their existence.

Lucifer and Richtofen were working against Samantha ultimately. She was at a position of power that he wanted Richtofen at, but since that was interrupted by Samantha, either Satan, the Vril-Ya, or both, guided him. They were the voices in his head I believe.

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