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Guest Monopoly Mac

A Vril and Ununpentium relationship

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Guest Monopoly Mac

Vril is the life Force that fills the universe. It is an infinite energy source used by the Aryans on Earth long ago. It is capable of healing, destroying, and cleansing taints. Some say that Vril is actually the Prima Materia used to create the world and it can be used in the alchemical process. To truly create the

Philosophers Stone, you need to obtain an element known as 115 and cleanse it using the spiritual Vril. Once that happens, you can have power in the palm of your hands. The purpose of the Philosophers Stone is to turn the user into a God and that is exactly what Richtofen did. He used it to open the pyramid and allow his soul into the pyramid and letting Samantha's out. To truly understand the concept of these two energies, I believe it is necessary to compile a chart of information for both energies.


Vril according to “The Power of the Coming Race” is the cosmic energy that fills the universe. There is apparently a “Black Sun” located in the center of the Earth that emits Vril to the Aryans who absorb it. It can be used to control, heal, and destroy cities. Although it can be used for evil, the benefits of this force is almost worthy of being...holy. Perhaps Vril is a holy energy meant to be used to cleanse the corrupt. One weapon that uses Vril energy is known as the V-R11 and is the only known cure to the Zombie plague.


Element 115 in reality is a super heavy element that can only be synthesized in laboratories and was observed in 2003. In this Treyarch universe however, it is an element that is found in meteorites. They have multiple crash locations such as Japan, Chichora, Groom Lake, Tunguska, and even on the Moon itself. The first meteorite found was most likely in the Rising Sun Facility because the Germans were the ones to find and use this element. What can it do?

115 was discovered in the World War 2 era. Although it was used by an organization, to benefit humanity, it was only a matter of time until it was used for war. The weaponry 115 was capable of creating was amazing. Microwave , Lightning, Ice, and Wind guns have been created. It's like having nature at the tips of your hands. It's like having the power of the gods. ;)

Not only can it be used for firearms but it can also be used reanimate dead cells and in turn, bodies. For an unknown reason, they crave and eat flesh. Not only can the dead be raised using 115 but transport technology can also be made. “Die Glocke” can be used to send users through another dimension known as Aether and send them to their destination.

This element is no doubt, extremely powerful. The rock is not just a symbol of power but a symbol of corruption and Aether is connected to this corruption.

I am here to suggest that there is some sort of relationship between these two powers and when put together can result in unimaginable power. This is testifed by the events on Moon where Edward Richtofen practically becomes what he believes he was destined to be. A God.

*Quick note, I did this very fast so I'm most likely missing a lot of information on these powers so please comment so I can add more! Point out any mistakes as well because I want this to be accurate. Thank you.

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Guest Tac

Well, one thing to remember is that they are connected, which you already know. What are some ways they are connected? Why is it that when using a 115 teleporter, Ed gets teleported to a VRIL machine? Or that both of them alter the cells in the body, bringing them back to life (in different way, but still)? Or that the home of the Vril-Ya, Shangri-La, is the mining center for 115? It's all connected... :twisted:

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Guest ZombieNationZ

The vril cures cancer! :D

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Well I think that some of the aspects of life/culture the Vril had centered around 115. I mean, look at all of it! They could use it probably to do all sorts of things! They applied it to their technology, and maybe that's why you get transported to a Vril machine. Universal calibration.

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