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Guest Monopoly Mac

Griffin Station= A Soviet/American Luna Base

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Guest Monopoly Mac

I have spoken of a Luna Base long ago when Moon was about to be released. You can read what I have to say about it here.


So William Cooper spoke of a Soviet and American joint base on the Moon connected to the Dreamland base which is Area 51. He also says that they own the base along with aliens. We know that the Americans knew of aliens because of the corpses in Hanger 18 and the Soviets may have learned about them because it escaped while they were invading the Hanger. Perhaps in the Black Ops universe, this occurrence is what caused the two sides to secretly work together. They realized that it was in the best of their interests to take care of this alien problem. So the Americans informed them of what they found on one of the Apollo Missions.


First off, let me say this. The four astronauts you see in the loading screen are not. I repeat not. Our four characters. I can say their not because our characters never traveled through a barren area on the Moon and never passed a pyramid. So lets move on.

As you can see, the first box depicts a pyramid floating towards the Moon for some unknown reason. The second box shows 4 astronauts walking on the Moon with the landed pyramid next to them. They seem to be walking towards something but we don't know what it is. The next box that you can see partially is what the team found. An excavator. The Apollo team had found Griffin Station.

Now that we know the Americans discovered Griffin Station, what did they do with it? They looked through Griffin Station discovering equipment and weapons such as the Wave Gun and QED. The most important discovery they made was the MPD lying in the power room. A device that holds an immense amount of power that not many can handle. Sadly, the Americans didn't know how to open the pyramid device.


You will find many sources including the one above, describes how pyramids can be used for many things such as energy amplification. My theory is that the Americans used the pyramid device as an amplifier to power the massive teleporter above.

Credits to Anti Earth for mentioning pyramid power in the Labs.

Now just like Wiliam Cooper, the Luna Base and Area 51 were connected. In this game, they were connected by teleporter. With this huge discovery, what will they use it for? They will use it to mine 115 and use the station for Alternative Three.

Alternative Three- A proposal made by the JASON Society that a base should be built on the Moon to house the Illuminati elite and protect them when Mutual Assured Destruction takes place on Earth.

I have no doubt that Griffin Station was to be used as the base to house the elite. The base shows signs of both American and Russian genius. They have a teleporter that links the station to Nevada and there are 3 Soviet made rockets. These rockets, I believe were supposed to be tools to deliver Alternative One!

Alternative One- A proposal that nuclear weapons be launched into the Stratosphere to let all of the heat and pollution leave Earth. The reason they say Eisenhower rejected this proposal is because it involved using nuclear devices and could have bad effects.


They never used it. But Maxis did. Perhaps he thought he could help the human condition by saving it from Richtofens wrath and cleaning it. :twisted:

Now the reason the Elite never got to initiate Alternative three is because of the little girl known as Samantha. The group working on the Luna base consisted of some of the Ascension Group and Pentagon Group. Both of them originated from Group 935 someway or another which meant they were another target for Samantha. Soon after the teleporter was installed, Sam raised the dead Griffin workers and sent them to Area 51 through teleporter which is exactly why the Hanger is how it is now...


Thanks for reading, and like always. Comments are appreciated.

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