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Guest bean dird

things in maps that most people get wrong

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Guest bean dird

Shi No Numa

I've relized that the hanging man in shi no numa probably isn't Peter. Peter would have already been in the area doing research. this man has a parachute attached to him. If it was Peter how could he be at Shi No Numa base and in a plane to parachute in, plus Peter worked at Shi No Numa so why wouldn't he land in a more open area where he wouldn't get cought up on a roof.


Der Riese

on der riese why does evveryone think the hide and seek thing on der riese ends early. If you use the ptrs on waw or either sniper on b ops you would see the items are

1.A teddy bear

2.another teddy bear

3.a monkey bomb

4.bowie knife

5.juggernog bottle

6.a molatov

7.a frag grenade

8.a blatcha

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Guest Magna

Concerning Shi No Numa, a lot of people believe that when Richtofen killed Peter, he was hung there, the parachute was incorporated to believe such death was a simple accident.

As for Der Riese that the flytrap is all it is, just a game, an early test into objective based maps you could say.

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Guest Tac

I believe that there is a quote from Kino from Richtofen after throwing a Monkey Bomb, he says: "You were all fooled, just like Peter!" That's why most of us believe that Richtofen killed him and stages it to look like an accident.

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