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Guest Monopoly Mac

The result of Project Nova- The Alternatives

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Guest Monopoly Mac

I have researched and gathered evidence to prove Dragovich's plan was orchestrated in secret by the Illuminati. The clues are there if you dig deep enough and I've already determined that the mastermind behind Nova 6 is an Illuminati agent.


The three men behind Project Nova acts like as Reznov describes, best friends. The reason they act like this is because they all share the same ambition and work for the same employer. Steiner isn't the only one who has ties to the Illuminati.

Enter Kravchenko.


A cold hearted and sadistic man who acted as the lapdop for Nikita Dragovich. He was loyal and did everything he was ordered to do by his mentor. He enjoyed making others suffer and rumor has it that he mutilated and killed his own sister. This man by himself poses no big threat but his cousin, Pavel Gorki, on the other hand owns a large and corporation known as GKM.

GKM stands for Gorki-Korolev-Medical and is used as a front for making chemical weapons and shipping them. The company is nearly identical to it's real life counter part, IG Farben infamous for being the ones who made Zyklon B, a lethal gas used in concentration camps. IG Farben was also the next largest stockholder of Standard Oil next to the Rockefeller family. This leads to many connections between the NWO and Illuminati. I suspect that GKM is also affiliated with the secret society.

Gk funded by the research for Nova 6 and did this so they could control the progression of the weapon and so they could oversee the projects happening in Der Riese. According to the intel, the original Nova 6 compound was most likely Der Riese. Eventually the ship carrying the V2 rockets was shot down and GK was taken down. Until it was recreated as GKM.


Now what does this have to do with "Alternative One" or "Alternative Two" or "Alternative Three"? Let me explain what this is, first of all.

Source- http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwopopcontrol.shtml


The JASON Society is a society commisioned by former President Eisenhower. The name is taken from the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece like seen above.

"Founders of the JASON Group (not the same as JASON Society) include members of the famous Manhattan Project, which brought together almost every leading physicist in the nation to build the atomic bomb during World War II. The group is made up mostly of theoretical physicists and is the most elite gathering of scientific minds in the United States. As of 1987 the membership included four Nobel Prize winners. Today JASON continues to offer scientific help the government cannot find anywhere else. They are probably the only group of scientists in the United States that know the true state of highest technology."

The JASON Society is also a branch of The Order of the Quest which is apparently one of the highest degrees in the Illuminati. A group within the society is known as Majestic-12. Most people know them as the group who was in charge of the Roswell incident and some think they hid aliens. The bodies in Hangar 18 confirm this.

Now these were alternatives proposed by Eisenhower on how to deal with the overpopulation of the world and preserve the elite.

Alternative One

This proposes that nuclear devices be used to create holes in the Stratosphere so the heat and pollution could leave the Earth. This may have been rejected because it could have lasting effects on the environment. Maxis may have went through with the plan though, using his three rockets of doom... :twisted:

Alternative Two-

Alternative Two is a proposal that underground cities be built to secure the Elite and best humans. They will move the best humans down there to protect them from the "Self-destruction" Earth would inflict on itself. On the site, it is suggested that a Mutual Assured Destruction would take place via nuclear warfare. I suggest that in the Black Ops universe, Nova 6 was what would cause M.A.D. The point of these plans are to get rid of the overpopulation and preserve the elite by monitoring the population and reducing the people through Genocide. Project Nova was sure to result in massive death tolls and nuclear retaliation. When DEFCON 2 was activated, government officials started to go into underground bunkers. It may be a stretch but perhaps these bunkers were more than bunkers...

Alternative Three

This alternative suggests that bases should be built on the Moon and Mars to preserve the elite. Moon is codenamed "Adam" and Mars is "Eve. Perhaps this is why the teleporter in Area 51 links to Griffin Station? ;)

Now another way the government could be slowly killing us is through something that was mentioned in the campaign loading screen called "Chemical trails".



Now we know the labs under the Pentagon were also developing Nova 6 which is extremely suspicious but what if they were developing other things such as pathogens? Maybe they let GKM in and let them give out the Nova 6 to the sleeper agents. We will never know.


Now that Dragovichs plan has failed, the elusive society will attempt to secure a New World Order through other means. Perhaps Tacitus will be the ultimate tool for this plan in the upcoming Black Ops 2. 8-)

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