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Guest EliteAlexFTW


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Guest EliteAlexFTW

Hi, this is my first post and I Happen to know my fair share

of the zombie story line and I am also quite familiar with all these theories.

But I Just say something about richtofen... We all understand that he is most

likely preety evil(I still enjoy playing as him though :lol: ) and that while his plans may seem obvious, I kind of think he may be

trying to stop something. Why I say this is because i have read someones post on

The Death Ray he may be trying to create. NEVERMIND F*** IT he's 100% evil but

I think that the next call of duty will take us through living with Samantha, I just

basically think that she will be attempting to take us through some crazy shit

and interesting twists and turns while she is trying to maybe reclaim her spot in the aether.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Well richtofen is wanderin the aether right now as samantha did beifre, i think, so my guess is the zombies will become alot more.....german. No. Vicious.

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Guest EliteAlexFTW

Well richtofen is wanderin the aether right now as samantha did beifre, i think, so my guess is the zombies will become alot more.....german. No. Vicious.

I Can see why in the beginning of the storyline why he wanted to control the

world and switch places with samantha but now.... Whats the point? theres basically 4 people

in the world left.... maybe a few more in upcoming easter eggs. But how will his army of

the dead benefit him?, could he maybe be planning to take them to a dimension where the war is

still going on? Or could he possibly take them back to kino der toten in another dimension and brainwash them to win the war for his country, or for his personal pleasure? If you know anything about the dimensions and what not just let me know because some of this stuff is a little vague to me thanks! :D

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Guest Dr_Richtofen

I think that Richtofen had been fully focused on achieving control of mankind thus he needed to take control of the zombies by switching with Samantha then he could wage war on humanity with his undead army as for each person his army kill Richtofen receives another recruit and so gain full control of humanity however Samantha knew of his intent and so launched a missile from the moon to blow up Earth thus subsequently trapping Richtofen on the moon by disrupting the teleport control pads so that Richtofen could not advance on Earth. I think Samantha's final victory comes when she takes control of Richtofen's body and so his soul switches place with hers and so without a physical form he has no chance of escaping back to Earth with his undead.

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