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Guest Monopoly Mac

An Inglorious Bastards style outbreak- Kino Der Toten

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Guest Monopoly Mac

This is an alternative theory that is pretty interesting to think about. It doesn't change much but I thought it could be a nice scenario.


Inglorious Bastards is a fictional movie that depicts an attempted assassination on Adolf Hitler that actually succeeded. It involved locking down a theatre, burning it down, shooting, and explosions. I believe all of this also took place at Kino.

Many of us believe that Kino Der Toten was used to showcase new 935 technology to German politicians and convince them to fund certain projects. Examples of these are the Nova 6 crawlers, Thundergun, Teleporter, and 115 powered Sentry Gun. The last of the four was utilized by one, Friedrich Steiner to eliminate many German officials and tarnish a part of his rival, Maxis's career.

If you want to learn more about Steiners double life and his jealousy of Maxis, click here.


Now notice how the Sentry Gun is conveniently placed on the pedestal in front of the audience. Of course if Steiner just set it off to kill everybody, it wouldn't look like an accident. Which is exactly why he let loose a Nova gas crawler out of its chamber. The Sentry Gun is designed to aim and kill 115 Undead. Except like a lot of us have experienced, if you get in the way, you will be shot. With zombies going out into the audience, it will be a massacre.

There are many signs of a fire at Kino such as the ashes and smoke on the floor. I believe the scientists attempted to burn the place down when they realized the outbreak was too large but of course they failed. And so Steiner left to the Arctic Circle, leaving behind a satisfactory mess.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

I thought of kino as well when i saw that scene, i never considered the sentry gun though. Could its have been placed for under the illusion they were showing it off? Hm....very interesting connections Monopoly

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Guest Dr_Richtofen

Great theory the only thing I have to say is that the attempted bomb plot to kill Hitler as seen in Inglorious Bastards was a real plot however in reality Hitler left the theatre 5 mins before the bombs went off but that would still fit well into your theory for Kino.

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Guest perfectlemonade

Like MLH, I completely thought of Kino when those guys were just tearing the Nazi's up in that theater.

Great theory. It's pretty logical, overall. [brains]

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