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Guest Monopoly Mac

The Conduit

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Guest Monopoly Mac

This is just a small thread that will explain how Samantha is in Aether and the pyramid. It was in the Labs, but got no comments.


Element 115 is an element of extreme power and can be used to destroy or create. With such power it is common sense to use a proper conduit to channel it. Now onto the M.P.D.

The M.P.D is a black pyramid shaped device located on an alien base on the Moon. What this device does? Like Richtofen said it is a stable gateway to the Aether. Now by itself it is simply a hollow machine but when powered with Vril it can be amazing.

"The machine is ready and awaiting the conduit” This is said by Dr.Groph in one of the audio reels. So after being powered up with Vril all the machine needs is a conduit. What could this conduit be? It could be anything ranging from




The purpose of the conduit was open a physical portal to the Aether. Of course this would've happened if Samantha hadn't accidentally gotten stuck in the pyramid.

Once Samantha got stuck in the M.P.D her body literally became the conduit. Since her body was the conduit her mind could freely wander the Aether. However, her mind shared the same space with another entity called Lucifer so they actually became one. Without an obedient host, Lucy can't do anything. Of course Samantha is only a little girl.

So After this occurred Richtofens plan was gone. Until he came up with another brilliant one.

For unknown reasons it would be impossible for Samanthas body to ever get out of the pyramid because it was now a part of it. The only way Richtofen could make his way into the Aether would be swap minds with Samantha. While still keeping the conduit in place he could wander the Aether. Now what?


Hope you liked and comments are appreciated.

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

Well, he knows the group doesn't know how to disable the conduit/ get Samantha's body out of there so Richtofen can't get out, is that how it works?

He can do whatever the hell he likes in Aether, perhaps revisit sites of power, the secrets of the universe, etc.

There is no way the group has the knowledge to remove Samantha's body without either destroying everything, killing themselves in the process, so Richtofen is free to wander himself. But what is he looking for? I have no idea.

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Guest Monopoly Mac

I made this a while ago. I'd say if he was wandering in Aether, he found himself a nice throne of power to command his new army. :twisted:

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