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Guest MixMasterNut

Jack Parsons & the Babalon Working: Anti-Christ Superstar

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Guest MixMasterNut


I'm very surprised that Treyarch didn't somehow weave the following story into the Black Ops Zombies storyline. Well perhaps they did weave this story into the game, and you only see shades of it. Perhaps they are leaving this story as something big for BO2. This following tale really has everything in it; Project Paperclips leads, mad scientists, wizards, occultist black magic, extra-dimensional wormholes, sci-fi inspired space technology, love triangles, betrayal, conspiracies, etc. What more could you ask for, right? This is truly one of those moments in Cold War history where 'Truth is Stranger than Fiction' and has since been romanticized to death.

When studying any of the main characters in this story: Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and L. Ron Hubbard, you will hear these men accused of some of the most fantastic things the human mind could ever imagine. Some of it's true, and some of it isn't. The spectrum of opinions on all three of these men vary so vastly, that you are forced to make up your own opinions. I will do my best to recount the tale of Jack Parsons and the Babylon Working in a manner which holds close to the truth, yet keeping intact all the juicy details that CoDz thrives on. I'd like to stress that no matter how weird and misunderstood Parson's personal life may have been, he will always remain one of the most brilliant rocket scientist mankind has ever known. Beware that much of the info available on Jack Parson's occultist activities, are made up by Fundamentalist Christians attempting to demonize him. As much as some would like to demonize Parsons for their own personal gain, you can not take away his scientific achievements. After taking a deep look at Jack Parsons myself, I have to wonder if it was his eccentric outlook on life that eventually led him towards his great scientific achievements? So all I ask of you, is that you keep an open mind on all of this, before before formulating your own opinions.





Jack Parsons was a brilliant self-taught chemist, DIY rocket scientist, and founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Jack Parsons is credited with inventing solid fuels for jet propelled rockets. This led to heavier rocket designs that could more accurately stay on target. JPL would later be absorbed by the government into aligning itself with NASA, ending Parsons involvement as a founder. Many of Parsons patents are still in use today by NASA. Werner von Braun, credits Jack Parsons, as being the Father of the American Space Program.

His political ties were that of a Zionist, and had interest in Communism/Socialism ideals as long as it didn't lead to the sacrifice of individual liberties. He championed the Libertarian views of the United States' founding fathers, and had a famous essay entitled 'Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword', where he discusses in detail the responsibility that come along with freedom.

Before founding JPL, Parsons first began building DIY rockets as a teenager with a handful of friends, dubbing themselves the "Suicide Squad". They'd scour junkyards for parts, and then shoot their home-made rockets out in the nearby desert.

[center:1t1ubsco]There is a crater located on the Darkside of the Moon, named after Jack Parsons.


Parsons the Occultist

Parsons believed that he could apply the same genius that he attributed to the field of rocket science, into the fields of magick as well. While working at JPL, Jack Parsons openly lived a double-life as an occultist under the notorious British occult magician, Aleister Crowley. He was inspired by the science fiction of the time. For example, his inventing of solid rocket fuels was inspired by the ancient naval weapon, Greek Fire. Parsons saw no distinction between rocket science and magick, and in a sense, believed them to be one in the same. In his magick works, Parsons was best known for ripping wormholes in space-time and allowing extra-dimensional entities to come through. For example, in one of his diaries he claimed to have visibly evoked Satan at the young age of 13.

Starting in 1941, Jack Parsons was a key member of Aleister Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) organization, and was the head of it's Agape lodge in Los Angeles. This lodge, dubbed the Parsonage, was located in a wealthy neighborhood. Parsons would put ads in the local newspaper to rent out the rooms of the "Parsonage", and was very blunt in saying he was only welcoming the likes of bohemians, narcissists, artists, atheists, sexual perverts, and other types of free willed people into his home.

To the dismay of his neighbors, Parsons would often throw wild parties at his lodge where absolutely anything goes. The police were called over a few times to investigate strange reports of naked women dancing around rings of fire on the rooftop, performing witchcraft. It's also said a local 16-year old boy once reported to the police that he was sodomized by more than one of the residence at the lodge. When police came to investigate this particular incident, Parsons answered the door and spoke with the police. He assured the police officers that he was a well-to-do rocket scientist and things of that nature don't happen at his prestigious estate. No charges were ever made.


The Babalon Working

In 1945, against Crowley's advice, Parsons initiated science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard (pre-Scientology) into his Los Angeles chapter of OTO. Hubbard at the time had recently returned from war, abandoned his family, had sparse income, and no place to hang his head at night. Parsons was very enamored with Hubbard. They shared spiritual beliefs, and Parsons found Hubbard's own beliefs to be very naturally in-tune with the Thelema philosophy Crowley developed after authoring his most famous book, The Book of the Law.

Hubbard and Parsons quickly became best friends. It is rumored that Hubbard was having sexual affairs with many of the women residence at the lodge. And within two months of Hubbards stay at Parson's lodge, Parsons wife/mistress, Sara "Betty" Northrup, openly gave her sexual affections to Hubbard and moved into his bed. Oddly, Parsons did not appear to be bothered by this and maintained a friendly relationship with Betty. If he was hurt by this, then he fought against it in order to be in-tune with his Thelema beliefs, which allowed open relationships. Overall Parsons was happy that he found a new magick partner in Hubbard, and welcomed him into his life.


In March 1946, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard (and later Marjorie Cameron), are said to have performed a series of sex magick rituals together in what was known as the Babylon Working. The goal of the Babalon Working was incarnate an avatar of the feminine divine being, called Babalon. This moment would also awaken a latent force of will within every known person, fullfilling the Aeon of Horus, and ending the Aeon of Osiris (representing Christianity). The rituals of the Babalon Working were of Jack Parsons own devising and are rumored to have been partly inspired by a short novel called, Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson, which was written in a pulp sci-fi magazine called Unknown. The workings of Parsons spell were heavily inspired by the occult Enochian magic of medival alchemist John Dee, and Sir Edward Kelley past work on how to invoke divine spiritual beings. Another heavy source of inspiration for this spell was the sex magick rituals described in Crowley's The Book of the Law, and Moonchild. Crowley's idea of Babalon combined aspects of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar (Goddess of sex, fertility, war, & death), with that of the figure of the Mystery Babylon, the "Great Whore" described in the bible's Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse). Fundamentalist see these "black magic" rituals as attempts at invoking the Anti-Christ.

[center:1t1ubsco]"[The angel] carried my spirit away to the desert. I saw the Scarlet Woman sitting on the Beast with seven heads and ten horns, covered with blasphemous names. The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, with a colden cup in her hand filled with the abominations and the unclean things of her fornication. On her forehead a name had been written, a mystery: Babalon the Great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth. I saw the woman was drunk from the blood of the Saints, and from the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. Seeing her, I wondered greatly."

–Revelation 17: 3-6[/center:1t1ubsco]

The sex magick rituals began involving Jack Parsons chanting spells and waving his magic wand (ie "masturbating"), while Hubbard scanned the night sky to try and gain signs or visions from the astral plane. The two performed these rituals for several days out in the desert. One day, while the two were staring out into the desert sky, a feeling of tension finally broke, and in that moment Parsons told Hubbard that the spell was done and it was time to go home.

Immediately upon arriving back at the Parsonage they met a red haired actress, Marjorie Cameron. Cameron had felt compelled to come here without any prior knowledge to Parsons and the Working of his spell. This was a sign to Parsons, and he initiated Marjorie Cameron as his "Scarlet Whore".

The sex magick rituals involving Cameron, are one's in which she played the part of a Scarlet Whore, and Parson's The Beast. Together they would perform sex magick, and Cameron was to be the bearer of a Moon Child. The fulfillment of this prophecy was to bring about a fruition of the Aeon of Horus, and bring about a new age in man.

Some believe that the UFO phenomena in 1946 was due to the completion of the Babalon Working. Marjorie Cameron confirms it herself. Shortly after the completion of the Babalon Working, Cameron and her brother were both working at JPL. As the story goes, while on a nature hike around the area they had both recalling seeing a wormhole appear, and "something" flew through it. Cameron recalls that this moment filled her with an insurmountable joy. She warned her brother not to say anything about it. However he did not head the warning and started telling co-workers of the UFO they had seen. Marjorie's brother was then ridiculed out of his job.

At one time Crowley though Parsons would become his successor. However Parsons's turbulent romantic affairs over the years with Betty and how they interfered with OTO also trouble Crowley, and he felt the combination of these things would eventually be the ruin of Parsons. Crowley also became upset with Parsons experimentation with magick, believing he was practicing for the thrill of it, rather than having objective intent. In addition, Crowley felt betrayed that Parsons would not divulge the details on his sex magick experience he had with Cameron where he attempted to evoke Babalon. He had only told Crowley that the spell was a success (although no moonchild had been produced). At this point, Crowley was through with Parsons, but Parsons hadn't acknowledged it yet.

Also around this time Crowley had had enough of Sara Northrup's continuous backstabbing behavior towards fellow OTO members. Crowley denounced Sara "Betty" Northrup a "Vampire", and cast her out of the OTO cult, claiming she was a danger to the "Great Work" being done in Los Angeles.

Allied Enterprises

In Jan. 1946 Parsons, Hubbard, and Betty formed a business partnership named "Allied Enterprises", where the idea was brought to Parsons as, Hubbard and Betty would buy yachts in Florida, and then sail them to ports in California where they would then upsell the ships for profit. Parsons agreed to this and contributed a sizeable amount of his life savings into the initial investment (over $20k), while Hubbard contributed $1,600 of his own savings.

Although Aleister Crowley had never met Hubbard in person, he warned Parsons that Hubbard was out to take his mistress and his money. Crowley said Parsons was a fool and called Hubbard and Betty prowling swindlers. But Parsons did not heed this warning. Crowley cut his ties with Parsons around this time, and excommunicated Parsons from the OTO seeing him as another one of his failures. Meanwhile, Hubbard had asked the US Navy for permission to sail to Central and South America, as well as China in order to gather writing materials for upcoming novels. He was planning a world tour on Parsons life savings. Betty, whom you can bet was mad about Parsons affair with Marjorie Cameron as his sex magick partner, was in with Hubbard for the coup.

Once Parsons figured out that he was being crossed, it was far too late. Parsons tried to have a court injunction to prevent Hubbard from leaving the country or disposing of his assets. Yet Hubbard and Betty still attempted to sail away and elope together, leaving Parsons behind. As the story goes, a heartbroken Parsons then returned to his hotel room, and cast a spell to summon a typhoon in order to stop the two from escaping. The truth of the matter is that a typhoon really did appear! And it forced the two criminals to dock their stolen ship where they were then handed over to the authorities.

With his relationships with the two shattered, Parsons attempted to take legal action in order to recoup his loses. The business agreements were so poorly written that the courts defaulted the agreements. However Parsons was only able to recoup about $2,900 of his losses, and had to sell his "Parsonage" home in order to cover the rest. With the loss of his Parsonage home, also went his credibility with Crowley and leadership role with the O.T.O. Parsons relationship with Betty, and friendship with Hubbard had been crushed by their treachery. Betty would soon marry Hubbard afterwards, and start a family with him. Parsons continued on his relationship with Marjorie Cameron, and the two soon married.

In 1969, L. Ron Hubbard wrote for the Church of Scientology, his accounts for his occultist activities in Pasadena. True to Hubbard's nature, he wrote a fantastic story of how he infiltrated an black-magic cult, saw that it was evil, and single-handily took down black magic in America. He even saved the girl at the end. However from my understanding, most scientologist are kept completely in the dark about Hubbards sex magick experiences with Parsons.

The Downward Spiral

After the failure of Allied Enterprises, Parson's work situation wasn't fairing any better. Parsons was using hard drugs frequently at this time. He was also performing his occultist practices at work, which raised the eyebrows of many of his co-workers. When it came close to launch time for his test rockets, Parsons would be seen chanting the Hymn to Pan around the rockets themselves. The reality of the situation is, if you're about to launch a textile rocket over the entire LA area, there's a million things that could go wrong, and it might be a good idea to start praying to whatever God(s) you worship. To Jack Parsons there was no distinction between science and magick, when it came to building test rockets. It was as if they were two-sides to the same coin. Coincidentally, many of these test rocket experiments occurred at Devil’s Gate Dam in Los Angeles.


In late 1950, Parsons was fired from JPL, and his government security clearances removed. The reason being is that he was caught stealing classified documents on jet engine plans and cost proposals, which he was going to use along with his resume to acquire a rocket engineering job in Israel.

After termination of his employment at JPL, Parsons began working odd jobs, including creating pyrotechnics for Hollywood movies. With the FBI investigating him, he began to downplay his past occult activities and described himself as an "individualist".

Parsons died in 1952, at his home laboratory, due to an "accidental" explosion while transporting a box of Mercury fulminate. He did survived the initial blast, but was gravely injured, and died within 37 minutes.

The official story depicts a modern-day alchemist blowing himself up in his own lab. However there are many conspiracy theories as to whether this was really accidential or not. There are reports that there were the sounds of two explosions at his lab which could suggest some foul play involving the first explosion set to detonate the mercury fulminate Parsons was preparing to transport. Some believe the government killed him. Possible even an old co-workers at JPL murdered him. One author suggests that he was attempting to create a homunculus using ancient alchemy techniques when the explosion happened.

His mother, Ruth, saddened at the loss of her son, committed suicide within 3 hours of hearing the bad news. It is rumored that when Pasadena Police officers when to her house to investigate the suicide, they found a strange box. Inside the box contained home-made films of Jack having sex with his mother, as well as her 'big dog'. The police shot and killed the dog while intruding the residence.


- Mix


Research Sources:

http://www.madscientistblog.ca/mad-scie ... k-parsons/


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http://2012diaries.blogspot.com/2010/05 ... eedom.html









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Guest MixMasterNut

I find it interesting how many people consider L. Ron Hubbard an evil man. Perhaps his biggest critic has been his very own son Ron DeWolfe.

Ron Hubbard Jr (Ron DeWolfe) speaks out against his father, L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology


@3:00 talks about L. Ron Hubbard's involvement in Crowley's black magic

@6:45 parallels the Hubbard's Sea Org to the Nazi's SS branch

@19:40 freedom foundation rep. questions Hubbard's attempts to become a successor to Buddha

@21:15 DeWolfe explains Scientology basic origin story and philosophy, where Hubbard is the God creator

I can't find the interview right now, but I've seen an interview where Ron DeWolfe describes the effect of Hubbard's Scientology on people as Black Magic that dates back to the Golden Dawn. DeWolfe warned that this type of Black Magic is particularly devious because with most Black Magic spells you can see the effect instantly or close to it. However Scientology is one that's effects take place over a lifetime.

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Guest MixMasterNut

Here is an interview with an OTO member, Bill Heidrick, where he discusses Jack Parsons. He has a unique an interesting perspective. This is as real as oral history today gets. Notice this guy is just a wise old hippie. Far from what people depict occultist to be, eh. Keep in mind that he is an O.T.O occultist, but he's giving his info minus any B.S. which is real hard to get when researching this story.

Bill Heidrick's initiation into O.T.O


Crowley's Definition for Magick (w/ a 'k')


Who is Aleister Crowley?


Oath of the Abyss - O.T.O. Outlook on Life


Jack Parsons and the Hymn to Pan



Death of Jack Parsons - Two Explosions Conspiracy Theory


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Guest ChopperNator

Wow Mix, very nice work.

Hubbard.....hmmm, a very tough person to talk about. I both admire the man and dislike some of the things he has done.

Mainly I dislike the fact that at best a lot of what he was supposed to have done was vastly over-rated.

I'm going to have a think today about this subject and repost on it later.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Excellent as always Mix.

Interesting they haven't used much of this in the zombies story....yet....


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Guest MixMasterNut


Regards Alpha.

If that's all you have to say on this subject, then I guess it means I covered it all pretty well :lol:

We've been beating around this story for about a month now, with our Crowley and Giger conversations.

So what do you think, Alpha? Is this story prime pickings for BO2's storyline? Or did we already experience our ingame version of the Babalon Working?

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Guest AlphaSnake

I would say we have had it in Der Riese.

As for Black Ops II, it has a very promethean feel to it.

Where did all that tech come from I wonder?

Channelled Alien knowledge perhaps?

Who knows whats in store for us.

Regards Alpha.

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Guest MixMasterNut



I want to touch more on Greek God, Pan, because understanding Pan is key to understanding Crowley's and Parsons's sense of spirituality, as well as why both men have been labelled as Anti-Christs.

[center:1eyy3xns]About Pan[/center:1eyy3xns]

Pan is known as a Greek God of nature, fertility, mischief, rustic music, pan pipes, hunting, and the companion of shepherds. He watches over the shepherd herds at night. He is connected with wooded groves, and the Spring seasons. His home is Arcadia.

He is said to be either the son of Zeus, or Hermes, or Dionysus, and his mother was a nymph


Pan is often depicted as a male nymph with goat horns and hind-quarters. In addition, he is often seen having an erect penis. A sign of his fertility.

Pan is only one out of the two Greek God ever to be be declared as dead. Somewhere between 14-37 A.D, Pan was pronounced dead. However worship of Pan continued despite his pronounced death. Does that make Pan an undead diety?

The word Pan has many meanings. For starters, Pan means All.

It may also mean Pasture. Hence, Pan's reverence by shepards.

Pan is also where the word Panic comes from. It is said Pan would cast fear into his enemies when they were alone, and his battle cry sends foes scattering in terror.

[center:1eyy3xns]The Sexual Conquest of Pan

Pan seduces the Moon Goddess


Pan's biggest conquest was the suduction of the Moon Goddess, Selene. Pan hid his coarse black goat fur from her sit by wrapping himself in sheepskin. He then called her down into the forrest where he seduced her.

The Goddess Echo was a singer and dancer who scorned the love of any male. The promiscuous Pan was upset at such vile rejection of her love. So Pan ripped her apart and had his followers scatter her remains in different corners of the Earth. Her remaining voice is heard repeating the last words of others.

It is jested that Pan is responsible for having taught shepards how to have bestial intercourse with female members their herds for pleasure.

Another interesting tale, is the origin of the Pan Flute. Legend says that when Pan first encountered the water-nymph Syrinx, daughter of the river god of Arcadia, he instantly fell in love with her. However Syrinx wanted no part of Pan, and ran away from him without stopping to hear his compliments. Pan chased after in attempts to seduce her. After a long chase, Syrinx found her sisters at a reed filled river bed. Syrinx's sisters instantly transformed Syrinx into a reed to save her from Pan's relentless pursuit. When the wind blew, the reed produced a melodic tone. Pan not knowing which reed among a bed of reeds was Syrinx, said if he could not have her, then he still wishes to hear her voice. So he grabbed a handful of reeds, cut them into varying lengths, and and fashioned them into a 7 (or 9) piped wooden instrument known as the Pan Flute.

The nymph Pitys was also persued by Pan. She was more fortunate than Syrinx, and escaped when the Gods transformed her into a pine tree.

[center:1eyy3xns]Pan teaching the shepherd Daphnis, how to play the Pan Pipe


[center:1eyy3xns]Pan used in modern fairy tales


Pan is depicted as "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" in the Kenneth Grahame's famous 1908 novel, The Wind in the Willow


Pan is references, at least in name, by found Disney character, Peter Pan


Guillermo del Toro's 2006 film, Pan's Labyrinth[/center:1eyy3xns]

[center:1eyy3xns]Magick Hand Gestures to Pan


Dio throwing horns[/center:1eyy3xns]

What is commonly known today as 'throwing devil horns', originated as a hand gesture sign in reverence to Pan. Originally it was not a sign to the devil; It was a sign to the God Pan who wants you to be wild and free. We see rockstars throw horns at concerts all the time. This is actually a magick spell being cast. If seeing this hand gesture invokes you & the crowd to 'rock-out', then the magick spell has worked in accordance to it's intent.

[center:1eyy3xns]The Horned God - Satan[/center:1eyy3xns]

[center:1eyy3xns]The Baphomet is often associated with Pan


The most famous depiction of the Baphomet was done by occultist magician, Eliphas Lévi, in 1855[/center:1eyy3xns]

Around the time that Christianity was developing into a major religion, Christians took the depiction of any Horned God as being an evil God. Since medieval times, Satan was depicted by the Christians as a semi-human abomination, with horns, wings, and claws. This was done to distance Christians from worshipping any of the peagan dieties. All Horned Gods seem to have common themes about them such as being Gods of nature, and male fertility. So they all got lumped together under the ideals of Christian as being evil devils. This is why the Baphomet is most commonly associated with being an avatar of Satan. The Church of Satan adopting the Baphomet as their mascot has not done any favors in clearing the names of any Horned Gods, including Pan. The fact that Pan is known for being beastly and grotesque in appearance makes him an easy target for Christians to demonize as well. Often in neo-peaganism, Horned Gods are all revered as being from the same entity. So this is brief description of how Pan's image has evolved over the centuries.

- Mix

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