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Please Explain the Zombie Infection


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The official viral site for the Next COD game has gone live. It features the "soldier" background, with different windows marked as "Classified", each with a date when they will unlock. There is a timer counting down, in seconds, to the march 1st reveal.


Diffrent classified panels, one opening each day!


So, my first reaction to this is that each day we will get another picture unlocked, and eventually we will have to assemble them. You can drag the windows around, so it's possible we'll have to assemble something.

Things of note:

- The background is the same soldier used in the gamestop promotions

- You can drag each classified window

- Each window has a date when it will unlock

- The timer counts down in Seconds

I'll keep this updated each stop of the way!

DAY 1:


The basis of this is that this image seems to confirm a drone, with a gun on the bottom, and a self destruct function. It is believed to be a killstreak.


Day 2:

Here is Day 2's image


Also, from @PrestigeIsKey


Also, FPS Russia confirms Tacitus IS NOT the site.


Day 3:

Here is a new image, a code. LETS GET TO WORK!


Numbers are






Day 4:


Day 5:


Believed to be the Avenger drone


Also, a video [youtube:df5jiyc6]wYQHpGcrZ5U[/youtube:df5jiyc6]

Day 6:


Day 7:



Day 8:




Looks like a veteran to me, notice the old hands and medal display cases. Also, the triangle display case would have a folded American flag in it, either given as a gift or from the casket of another fallen soldier.

Day 9:

An old friend


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I'm keeping a tab of that site open until this thing is done.

We might want to sticky a thread for propke's ideas on the images that appear.

In the mean time, we shall celebrate!

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Guest Jmasta7

OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Its hilarious because I start gasping and just repeating "oh my god" over and over and over.... everybody in my house is giving me the "WTFBBQ" stares. I'm such a nerd but I can't help it.......it's so exciting. EVERY TIME.

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Here's my next photoshop un-blur attempt:



NOTE: In my version the smaller one wasn't there. I added it for your convenience.

Also, check out the bottom-right corner of my (slightly) cleared up version. There's a weird symbol, but it might just be a product of the JPEG-ing in the original image.

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Guest Greenchico97

Well, i remember one day reading some where here on the forums the most accurate explanation for a zmbie infection as in the scientific analysis. I couldn't find it so if someone could link me to that article. Remember it saying that the frontal lobe of the brain is decayed and stuff like that. PLEASE!

i need to prove my friends wrong that it is theoretically possible for a zombie.


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I have no idea what this picture is. I guess this is really going to be a puzzle with moving the boxes around to find the bigger picture.. getting so excited for another 3arc game :D :D

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Something new everyday?!?!?!

Treyarch sure knows how to please us. This'll give us so much to do instead of just wait around for 2 weeks. I'm so hype! More Zombies! More Treyarch! YES!!!!

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Just woke up. 7 in the morning in the UK. Go on twitter on phone. See David vonderhaar write 'Callofduty.com return for debreifing'. Never got on my laptop this quick before :lol:

The picture looks like a clock to me :? with the yellow circle being the centre?

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I don't think its a clock, To me it looks like its the side of some kind of building that has had a hole blown in it.. But also it looks like a pile of bones on the right hand side, could be the Catacombs under Paris maybe?

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To me, this looks like a modern, or even futuristic drone, with propellers kind of like this:


It looks like its suspended by blades, that fly it like a helicopter. It looks like there are two of these blades on each side, and then there is a camera on the front of the device.

I believe this is a drone, two rotors, and it's a real-life image as you can see a woods - type background behind it.

This to me looks as Nick Bob described, but I think it can be used underwater as well.

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This is the clearest image I can get at this time, seems to be an orange drone, with a green light attached to the front with blue propellers in a grassy area.


And here's the gif of the image


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Guest Legend

This is the clearest image I can get at this time, seems to be an orange drone, with a green light attached to the front with blue propellers in a grassy area.


And here's the gif of the image


It looks like a camera mounted on the corner of a wall to me. Return to defribing? It could be in the defrib room.

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