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Guest BlindBusDrivr

OXCART, Kelly Johnson, and Roswell

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Guest BlindBusDrivr


Hello CoDz, I am here to bring to you one of my first theories in a while.

It involves an icon of the game itself, the Lockheed SR71 Blackbird:


But before I get to the aircraft, I want to start with it’s designer, Clarence “Kelly” Johnson.

Who was Kelly?

He was one of the greatest aeronautical engineers of all time.

He studied in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Michigan. And worked at Lockheed since the 30s. For those who don’t know (Lockheed) they’re the US governments closest aircraft companies along with Boeing and Northrop Grumman. He started as a tool engineer, and moved up to becoming the chief research engineer in 1938.

So what you can get is that this guys was brilliant at working with aircraft, but here’s where it gets interesting.

Note he helped design many aircraft but I’m just going to focus on a few.

So in the 40s he led the team on designing the P38 Lightning, which came to produced in numbers over 10,000 by the end of the war, one of the most successful allied fighters.

But in 1942, British Engineer Frank Whittle, came up with the design of the Jet Turbine, and months later a German engineer would repeat this discovery.

So the allies had a fear of high-performance German fighters, so Kelly was put onto the team designing an aircraft to rival the German machines, and thus the P80 Shooting Star was born.

The P80 shooting star was the faster aircraft at the time, and probably would have been good in the war, had it not ended by the time the US military began to purchase them.

And from this he jumped to in 1955, the U2 spy plane (for more connections between zombies and the U2 look up MixMasterNut’s Dragon Lady post in GKnova6 section) , which as you can see was not to far in basic design from the P80 besides a much higher altitude capability.



So what we have got here is a guy who is a great aerospace engineer, and very good at making fast aircraft.

But his next leap is astonishing. So it takes him 10 years to go from P80 to TR-1 U2, but in another 10 he reaches this:


The SR71.

Now what is the big difference here? Well for starters, it’s 1964 and only 22 years since the invention of the jet turbine. And we go from an aircraft with a top speed of 500 mph, and 70,000 ft service ceiling, to one with a top speed of 2,200+ mph and a service ceiling above 85,000 ft. What we’ve basically done is gone from early jets, to the highest performing jet aircraft in existence. Theoretically, the SR71 is nearly at the peak of the ability of a Jet Turbine, the design is essentially perfection.

Now how did we get such an improvement?

The answer lies in the creator, Kelly Johnson, and the location, Skunk Works.

Here is wikipedia’s description of Skunkworks:

The designation "skunk works", or "skunkworks", is widely used in business, engineering, and technical fields to describe a group within an organization given a high degree of autonomy and unhampered by bureaucracy, tasked with working on advanced or secret projects.

Well this brings us back to Area 51, which was a ‘Skunk Works’. Area 51, specifically Hangar 18, glorified in Black Ops, was basically the playground of the YF-12, and the A-12, the SR71s prototypes. Almost all of their test flights and such research was conducted here at the base.

And what does Area 51 ties us back into?


The entire purpose of Area 51 was to create a safe place for testing and work on secret projects isolated from the public. Basically it was made FOR studying the Roswell craft.

Hangar 18 is also the same Hangar it’s claimed they take UFOs back to!

And let’s think for a moment. If an Above Top Secret UFO is taken back to Area 51 in 1947, and in 1960 the government is desperate for a new reconnaissance craft, isn’t is possible somebody like Clarence would be granted Clearance to that research in such a scenario?

Yeah, pretty much.

And btw Roswell was not a flying saucer, it was a hypersonic aircraft, look at the design from actually eyewitnesses :


And let’s imagine that from a bird’s eye view, shall we?

So a rounded triangular shape.

Some small wings sticking up.

And it bumps up through the middle there and sticks of a big with a little tail there.

Hmm, this looks just like something we’ve seen before.

Perhaps the Back-half of an SR71?


Just add an extension for the cockpit then the engines and bingo, you’ve got an SR71.


How else could we have reached peak aerodynamics within years of this new technologies discovery? It’s almost INHUMAN.

And where is the evidence in the game? Oh it’s not just like the entire Hangar 18 map is a SHRINE to the SR71 and Kelly Johnson and all other Area 51 conspiracies.

So Kelly Johnson is an engineer for Lockheed who is disclosed clearance to top secret documents on Roswell in order to create new reconnaissance aircraft for the US Army after the crash of the U2.

It all ties together.

So he knows about MJ12, and the aliens, and likely 935…

All pieces are coming into place.

And also, notice how the Roswell craft actually looks like modern Hypersonic prototypes, not an alien craft.


oh and also notice Have Blue, Johnson was apart of that project too:


which later became the F117 Nighthawk

So as I was saying it sure looks like that Roswell craft is more of a future human design, rather than an alien one.

And speaking of things from the future being at area 51:



Are we catching onto something?....

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Guest AlphaSnake

Awesome stuff, this is linked to the Aurora project.


Regards Alpha. [brains]

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Awesome stuff, this is linked to the Aurora project.


Regards Alpha. [brains]

ah Alpha bringing in more TS aircraft. I like it :)

Funny thing that I heard about that is that the TR-3B is powered by compressed mercury at 80,000 psi spinning at 240,000 rpm and that's how it creates lift.

I hear this old thing called Die Glocke used Xerum 525 compressed and spinning fast to hover too. And that's it's speculated to be mercury. And that we co-opted some of the scientists who worked on this.

Probably no connection though ;)

BTW the aurora isn't the TR-3B, they're just speculated similar because they're triangle shapes. The Aurora is the USA's scream jet which was made to counter Russian developments in the late 80s and early 90s. I heard it can fly at 200,000 ft and go far past Mach 5.


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Guest MyLittleHellhound

:shock: I am busy taking this all in, but I have a question.

So if Kelly Johnson (the engineer dude?) had clearance to Area 51/ Hangar 18 how does that connect to zombies? I mean, great and stuff, can this be used to uncover more Zombies Secrets?

Great job though. ;)

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

:shock: I am busy taking this all in, but I have a question.

So if Kelly Johnson (the engineer dude?) had clearance to Area 51/ Hangar 18 how does that connect to zombies? I mean, great and stuff, can this be used to uncover more Zombies Secrets?

Great job though. ;)

Well it means he's another who knows and it's part of showing how all of this is interconnected. Also that we were reverse engineering alien technology.

And that for some reason, future technologies keep popping up around Groom Lake.

And the whole roswell proof thing, shows that we did have contact with the aliens before, and gives us some more insight to just how much the Americans know.

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