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Guest Monopoly Mac

Steiner- An Illuminati Agent?

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Guest Monopoly Mac

Steiner=-The Illuminati

Before I delve into the topic at hand, let me present to you decisive evidence that the Illuminati are involved in the Zombies universe and Campaign.



I believe that the German scientist, Friedrich Steiner, is the link between the Illuminati, 935, and the Ascension Group. Of course he is only pawn and tool, but a valuable one he is.

As we all know, Edward Richtofen was never at the Berlin theatre and that he served the enlightened ones. As the note above shows, there was definitely Illuminati presence in the theatre. Someone had to be working at Kino and I am positive that it is Friedrich Steiner. He is an expert on chemicals and the human mind. Kino even has a film reel showing him working in the lab.

Similar to Dr.Richtofen, Steiner was ordered to stall and if needed, sabotage the ongoing experiments of 935. If 935 succeeded, the war would be won for Germany and the Illuminati wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the equipment. One day, Maxis was nearing a breakthrough in zombie control and if he managed to succeed, he could win the war for the Germans with the zombie army. Luckily Steiner was there to pull a fire alarm and ruin Test Subject 2-6.

At around 1945, the Illuminati knew Maxis was getting too close to his goal and ordered their servants to execute him. Steiner was already jealous of the lead scientist, Dr.Maxis, and would kill him without a second thought. He had been working on creating Nova 6 creatures for the Third Reich but that night he would be using it to take down Maxis. Friedrich opened a canister and let the freak out as well. Shortly after, he left for Antarctica. The fool had failed to kill Maxis, however. His Der Riese counterpart did the deed instead.


Thanks for reading if you did. I appreciate comments and criticism as always.

Part Two will be released tomorrow

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Guest Shooter

[brains] are coming Mac! Couldn't agree more with this theory!

Making a huge (and necessary) connection here linking The Illuminati to Group 935 AND The Ascension Group.

Oh Illuminati, just what are you up to?

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Guest MexicanIlluminati

Wow...i was initially skeptical of this....but this theory actually links things together pretty well! I like how you explain/prove what the Illuminati are trying to do and their motives for doing what they are doing...good thinking! :)

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Guest Monopoly Mac

I have added the Illuminati pyramid to the first post. This proves that there was Illuminati presence in the theatre of the damned! :twisted:

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