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Guest Rissole25

Porter & CotD/V-R11 & Winters Howl mechanics?

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Guest Rissole25

Alright so I thought of this while playing a mad as "Five" game last night while using the Winter's Howl. It's a quick 10 minute theory that hasn't been thought out much, but I'd like to still post it anyway and get some feedback.

Now, this theory is based off if Porter was at the Pentagon, and created/was involved in the Winter Howl's creation.

[center:3rkhb7c5]The Weapons[/center:3rkhb7c5]

So you might've noticed that V-R11 turns zombies into humans. These humans being a man who is from the Pentagon.



And also might've noticed that the Winter's Howl freezes zombies, like the CotD waters.

The reason I believe the V-R11 changes zombies into the same person each time is because of whats in the gun. We already know Vril and Element 115 are involved in it, but I think another element is involved which is exclusive to the V-R11.



This is the reason it changes into the same man each time. Because DNA (a strand of hair, blood, etc) of one guy is in it. It could be considered a cloning machine really by this theory.

The DNA of said person comes from a man in the Pentagon I believe. While it may not be the guy pictured above at the elevator (it's just to show the model comes from there), his DNA was used in the V-R11. Thus, I reckon it was created in the Pentagon.

So now onto the Winter's Howl. It seems to have four tubes which look like some sort of ice cores. The effects of the gun are the same as the water in CotD, such as slowing down zombies (which SNN water did not) and freezing them. I believe these ice cores may contain samples of water from Call of the Dead, and this is how it achieves the ice shots by having the coldest of waters in it.


The Theory[/center:3rkhb7c5]

Porter worked on/created the V-R11. This has the least amount of evidence towards it, but it fits. He used the guy pictured's DNA (either voluntary or not).

He also worked with Maxis true? So he could've known about Maxis's Vril knowledge, or even been part of the Vril project Schuster mentions to Edward. Porter might've known how to obtain Vril, and so used it on creating/working on the V-R11. This part is circumstantial though as Porter may have made it without Vril, it got to CotD, and Vril was put in it there (as CotD is supposedly a Vril site).

Porter, working on the Winter's Howl, use several cores at first but they weren't cold enough/didn't stay cold enough, so they were unsuccessful.

(Not part of the theory, but this could be the reason the cores have not been covered up. Because he was changing them often, it was quicker to leave it open. Also it may have been due to the coldness in an enclosed space may have frozen it/damaged the gun)

Because they were unsuccessful, he needed samples/cores from Call of the Dead. There could be multiple ways this works, but the V-R11 ends up at Call of the Dead, and the cores with the CotD water end up back in the Pentagon. I'll list the main theory with some possible alterations, and a different plausible theory.

1. Porter visited Call of the Dead, and brought the V-R11 along.

- He traded the samples/cores in exchange for the V-R11. (Vril point MAY not be valid)

- The place was overrun with zombies. He got the samples/cores, used the V-R11 as protection, but dropped/left it behind as he left. (Vril point must be valid)

Porter left and returned to the Pentagon, and developed the Winter's Howl with these samples.

2. Porter met with someone who worked at Call of the Dead, but they went to Porter, and traded the samples/cores for the V-R11. Porter returned to the Pentagon, and developed the Winter's Howl with these samples.

I believe 1 more than 2. The points in 1 are both valid points though, and I think either one could've happened, though I'm more inclined that an outbreak didn't occur there and he just traded it to them with/without Vril. Whatever happened, it still managed to end up with Vril in it, and both parties got what they both wanted.

Anyway that's it! Just a theory I thought you guys should know. Let me know what you think about the V-R11 and Winter's Howl mechanics, AND about the Porter visiting CotD.

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Guest Tac

So because Yena was a spy, and I at least believe that Porter may have been one too, then they could have worked together at Call of the Dead, I can see that.

My theory for the Winter's Howl is that in the radio to Peter, you hear Cornelius Pernell say that Verruckt was overrun and they had to move the experiment "here" and that the numbers would guide you, one of the places being Area 51. My idea is that because the Winter's Howl is in Black Ops Verruckt, that was the experiment and it was moved to America. Now maybe Porter, at that point, had the prototype gun and then went to Call of the Dead where he got the crystals and such.

Just some food for thought :D

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Guest MurderMachineX

I like what you say about the V-R11 having DNA in it, as that explains something I thought unexplainable :)

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Guest Rissole25

I was thinking something along the same lines Tac, that Yena may have been the one he talked too.

Thanks MMX. There isn't reallly any proof that says it's there, but it seems to fit in well with everything else, plus it seems logical.

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Guest football5699

yup....trading the two guns in essence seems very likely. I could really see that happening. The fact that the Ray Gun in there really helps support that Porter worked at the Pentagon.

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Guest Kathying

he theme for Verruckt was always one of my favorites

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