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Guest Monopoly Mac

An overview of Element 115

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Guest Monopoly Mac


"Element 115 overview:

"Sources include meteors found


Shi No Numa,


Groom Lake,

"Der Riese, and the


"(Confirmed via Astronomical team)

"Applications include:

"Transporter technology,

"Power source for DG-2,

"General weapon upgrades


"Side effects include:

"Reanimation of dead cells,

"Via inherent electrical properties.

Ununpentium, also known 115, is a super heavy element with a measured half-life of ~200 ms. In reality this element can only be synthesized in labs but in the Call of Duty universe, 115 can be found in meteors originating from asteroid belt. The group in charge of utilizing this element was none other than Group 935.

Group 935 was a multi-national organization dedicated to improving the human condition. Nearly everything 935 have done has involved the use of 115 and has resulted in amazing technological advancements. The following are some inventions created using 115.



-The Wunderwaffe DG-2

-Pack a Punch Machine

-The Perk a Colas.

-Electric traps


Do you notice how the majority of these things do the exact opposite of improving the human condition? When Maxis started running out of money to fund 935 he was forced into a deal with the Third Reich to develop weaponry. It completely changed the direction 935 was heading.

115 has proven to be capable of two things. Power and Corruption.

Like Richtofen said himself 115 is the “ELEMENT OF POWER!”. It is the power source of the DG-2, Raygun, Winters Howl, and of course when used correctly it can bend space and time. Ununpentium has demonstrated its ability to destroy but where do the actual benefits for humanity come in? The Perk a Cola’s.

Group 935 created chemically engineered beverages that were able to help physically in nearly every aspect. Juggernog gave you extra strength, Speed Cola gave you speed, and Quick Revive would be able to heal any injury you sustain. These Perks were tested on Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai Belinski. The testing was successful but had some side effects which included immunity to 115 and severe memory loss.

Now can an element with so much power and benefits possibly corrupt? Well when used electrically on a dead body it is reanimated into a mindless freakbag who’s only instinct is to feed on the livings flesh. Now when one is exposed to 115 over time something else occurs. The only scientist we know to be exposed to the element like this is one, Dr.Maxis.

Dr.Maxis said himself the 115 may be getting to his head in one of the Data Servant entries. V Bush said himself that Maxis was an obsessed man bordering the insane. You decide now if the 115 got to him. He only blew up the Earth. :twisted:

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Guest AlphaSnake

115 is now my second lucky number next to 13.

Regards Alpha.

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Couldn't 113 have a place as well? I mean it's almost as mysterious as 115, and wasn't it in that one film on Kino?

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Guest Monopoly Mac

110 was on the Kino screen I think?

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Oh never mind then :P

guess I'll look into that then.

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Guest MurderMachineX

Nice post.

I'd just like to say that I don't think the Perks-A-Cola were ever tested upon Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo.

Also, electricity does not need to be used with 115 for it to reanimate. It says "inherent" "properties". This means that 115 is inherently electrical in nature. This is why the SNN meteor has electricity on it. This is why the meteors glow.

Simply, exposure to enough of the Element, where it isn't carefully monitored, can cause reanimation of dead cells and therefore entire bodies. However, if you aren't dead yet, i.e. still alive, you can't be reanimated. BUT, Dr. Maxis does have much evidence to point to having his mind become a bit paranoid or off-kilter due to constant exposure to 115 (he was the chief of its research for 6 years at least). He wasn't really crazy, just off-kilter. For example, the blowing up the Earth thing; he didn't want Richtofen to win by having ultimate power and controlling the world, so he blew up the world to ruin Richtofen.

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