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Guest CheezyWeezle

New theory on "115" lyrics meaning!

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Guest CheezyWeezle

Well this is a simple and quick theory, nothing long and boring.

I am playing Kino der Toten, and I played the hidden song, 115, and was listening to the lyrics. Now the song came to the part where it says "See with your eyes, my army of flies". Now most everyone cant seem to find a meaning behind these lyrics. Well I paused, got to thinking, and came up with a startling theory.

What if by "My army of flies", the song is saying that that Samantha is the Lord of the Flies, with Sam trying to get the crew to kill each other off? If you don't know what The Lord of the Flies is, it is a book, where a group of young teenage boys are stranded on an island, and they basically kill each other off, one by one, with one final survivor.

Now this can mean that the characters will eventually kill each other off. Or this can mean that Samantha was the "Lord of the Flies" in her position, trying to kill the crew off, and now that Richtofen is now in Samantha's old position, this can mean that Richtofen will try and make the remaining crew kill each other off, one by one. If this is true, then this means that the crew will try and kill each other off.

Now, do note that this isn't necessarily true in any way, and could just be a misinterpretation on my end, but that is just a quick thing I thought of while playing.

I would definitely like to hear some of your guys' input on this! :D

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Guest anguscr

I actually always thought that maybe zombies=flies? Here, let's look at the lyric.

"See with your eyes, my army of flies"

"When no one survives, bring me ONE-ONE-FIVE!"

So..... maybe she's saying that she can create zombies at will? So Samantha= Lord Of the Zombies.

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Guest Monopoly Mac

Lord of Flies is also a title given to a demon known as Beelezbub. In some places this Beelezbub is one and the same as Satan. ;)

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Guest Ehjookayted

Moved for content and various interpretations!

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Guest Tankeo Dempsaki

It could mean she sees the zombies as insignificant beings.

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