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Guest TroubledTurkey

I'm pretty sure Sam WAS the voices in his head...

No, the radios in Moon show that he got the voices in his head BEFORE Sam was trapped in the Pyramid. I wouldnt be suprised if Sam does hear the voices though. They both seem a little nuts.

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Guest Tankeo Dempsaki

Well, when you bring that into the picture, considering Sam was INSIDE the M.P.D., it is all too likely that she may,

But , being inside the M.P.D. Could mean she has mastery over the voices or something like that.

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Guest TheDunbarian

The pyramid is the source of the voices and the madness.

According to the radios, Richtofen was sane before he teleported to the moon. He was merely angry with Maxis. However, after he teleported and touched the pyramid, he started hearing the voices, and the madness took over.

Samantha, having been trapped inside the pyramid for who knows how many years, now hears the voices in her head too, which is why she's as messed up as Richtofen is.

Ever notice how if you stand near the pyramid after it's opened up to reveal Samantha, you can hear whispering? One can only assume those are the voices Richtofen and Samantha are hearing in their heads. As Richtofen states, the pyramid is a link to another dimension called Aether. Samantha's soul was (and Richtofen's soul now is) in Aether, and it's from there that the zombies are controlled.

The pyramid represents a side of the story that we really don't know enough about. Who built the pyramid? What's in Aether, and why do these voices want to kill everything? The voices of Aether are another force at play in this story that we have yet to get a good amount of information on.

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Guest Undead xP

I've noticed Sam had very similar personality traits once they traded places. It could simply be the bidding Richtofen has done that his body and mind is simply, possessed.

I believe some of Sam's quotes after the egg is something along the lines of "Oh great, now I'M hearing the voices!"

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