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Guest Silvaria

The "Trust Barrier"

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Guest Silvaria

I've heard the term "trust barrier" used in discussions about Dr. Richtofen's experiments. People tend to use it in different ways, some of which really contrast with how I understand one. I was wondering if I could get a few other forusm users here to let me know what they think of one before I type up something long on the subject?

I'm just saying, if it's all redundant, it seems like a waste of time that could be used on thinking something else up.

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Guest nayrc

i belive that when Richthofen says maxis needed to break the "trust barrier" it was simply to get the zombies to trust him,

since there earlier plans didnt work(kino) they tried to brain-wash people to break the "trust barrier" or as i see it, get them to trust Richthofen/maxis

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Guest TheOnlyShapeshifter

Ah, the trust barrier...

I've touched on this MANY times before, and I think that this has something to do with Sophia.

Maybe Richtofen liked Sophia, and Maxis knew, but Maxis still went after her?

Maybe Sophia WAS Samantha's mommy, and Richtofen was jealous. That would be a pretty good reason for him to resent the girl - Samantha, that is, seeing as she could have been his child.

Maybe that's why Richtofen tried to appeal to Samantha with the Toy Monkey, or the Teddy Bear.

Who knows?

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Guest Silvaria

So there's the theory that the barrier Dr. Richtofen referred to was between him and Maxis, while another idea is that it was being used in regard to the zombie test subjects? Any other big ones I should be aware of? Because if that's the case, an OpenOffice document is calling my name.

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Guest Black Wolf

I would definitely say that the barrier is in regards to the zombie and not between Richtofen and Maxis. The primary reason for this is a radio in Call of the Dead where Richtofen states "the barrier is not in the spleen." Now, admittedly, he does not say "trust barrier," but considering it's the one most often referred to, I feel it's a safe conclusion.

The first time I heard the trust barrier mentioned was at Kino der Toten. Upon entering the theatre, Richtofen states "Dr. Maxis almost had his undead army, if only he could have broken the trust barrier." I believe this works in conjunction with another quote from this map where he says "these seats.. the screens... they wanted to implant their minds with instructions." Combine this with the radios and film reels in which Maxis says refers to the reels as treatment and believes deployment (presumably of the zombie army) could begin shortly, and it seems a strong basis for the trust barrier being a reference to zombie control.

In the Moon audio reels, Maxis states that Samantha's mother is dead. He could presumably be lying about who the mother actually his, but there's little motivation for him to do so. Furthermore, Maxis' intel documents mention that Sophia is attracted to him and, although he is likewise attracted to her, he views it as a (potentially problematic) distraction. I think he would have mentioned if he suspected his two assistants had eyes for each other, as that would certainly be a distraction. Not that I'm saying there's no way Richtofen liked Sophia, I just don't know where that theory comes from.

...now, about this document you're writing...? :D

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