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For anyone interested: New Video!

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Guest deathb4di2h0nor

I think you made some great points and it sparked a great idea, regarding destroyed Der Riese. Previously on this site there was a thread regarding whether or not Treyarch would bring back the maps from BO and WAW on COD 9. Treyarch is known for suprising us all the time. Saying that, we also know almost every zombie map has an outside area we're not allowed to treverse. Mods and no-clip videos are posted as soon as new maps come out, and we know Treyarch sees them. My theory is this:

If Treyarch did bring back all the maps, they could redo them destroyed completely, opening all the "hidden rooms" that are normally trolled over. Treyarch normally takes jokes and turns them into the greatest contributions to zombies. EX: The shrink gun from shangri la. (baby kicker)

Will it take time and money? Yes. Will people pay for it? HELL YES! as long as the updates bring new items/features to each map. Otherwise, I will still have Black Ops and will simply play it. Thank You for reading.

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Guest darkjolteon

Thanks for the comment dude! It's always good to see others opinions!

The bit about Der Riese was only thrown in because as I was recording it came to mind and I thought it sounded awesome. Obviously they would have to bring something new with the map, like you said, maybe open it up a bit more, and new guns etc. otherwise it wouldn't sell, but stuff like that could be really good!


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