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ideas for a zombies game

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I think treyarch should make a Call of Duty Zombies game. They should keep the storyline and start all the way in the beginning with the 4 original characters as far as the campaign mode goes. There should also be an array of weapons-future, modern, and past weapons. The game should tell the whole story smoothly instead of people having to scratch their heads of what is going on so everyone can grasp and appreciate the story line. Personally I think the storyline is so very unique and creative and its what drew me in to be more of a zombie fan ever since the other maps after Nacht der untoten. This is why it should be done in such a easy to figure out fashion so everyone will get drawn in by the story, game play, and possibly graphics. This is really the only reason i have seen treyarch make business. This company has changed Zombies to whole new and freakin awesome level. I have literally not seen anything cooler than the Nazi Zombie storyline for a zombie franchise.

As far as weapons go i think there should be more than just one upgrade. I also think there should be an option to buy wonder weapons off the wall for a nominal fee. Also to tie with the wonder weapon thing, there should be like an easter egg to open a door for like a super weapon no one has encountered before in Zombies history. It should be like a laser beam gun tht just cuts zombies in any crazy way the player wants. I also think it would be cool to add like a type of light saber and different kinds of future melee weapons. Also i have noticed playing zombies how the rounds get ridiculously long and the zombies get ridiculously hard to kill. It should be just more zombies and not harder to kill. I also think there should be like a Hercules perk that allows the player to just come up to a zombie and rip its arms off or a sparta kick that explodes the zombie against the wall or do some other crazy brutal melee attacks that kills the zombie in one attack. There should also be a perk that allows for two primary guns in each hand. Also for perks i think there should be like a cloak perk where the zombies cant see you for a limited time till the perk regenerates again. There also should be like a free running perk where you can run off a wall and back flip over a zombie to get out of situations. This is just ideas for the endless modes not the campaign

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

I like the idea of animations like ripping off arms and stuff, but in that time the zombies could crowd you and box you in and kill you.

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Guest Zombieofthedead

Meh, still don't want a full game, but here's my ideas anyways.

3 different paths (each one has different character's) for maps

WWII (because, as we know, those were the best. Also, they would focus on other activities w/ 935, with new characters)

Modern day (With civies and modern weapons of course) For story, basically trying to escape. Probably not a lot of EEs here.

Main zombie story (With the crew) I'll let 3arc do the planing here 8-)


Melee weapons are much wanted. I don't mean bowie knife melee, I mean dead island melee.

EX: Katana, Machete, Bat, crowbar, Regular European sword

Guns- All WaW weapons for WWII era, Modern or Black Ops type weapons for modern day, and a mix of the weapons from all 3 games into the main story.

WW- Ray gun, as well as a distraction grenade (Monkey Bombs) for all maps. Can't think of any others.

As far as zombies go, stick with the main ones, keep dogs (in dog rounds and normal as well). I personally don't mind gas zombies, I'd keep em in for the challenge. For the love of god... no freakin monkey's or perk stealing zombies. For the astronaut, it worked, but it was terrible with monkeys. I wouldn't mind seeing napalm zombies again, maybe even another type of zombie related to the old elements.

Oh, and if 3arc every re releases any of the maps again, they need to keep all content the exact same, from the guns to similar looking zombie skins.

That's all I've got now.

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