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My take on the Zombie Story line

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Hey guys this is my first post and its taken me all night to do what i think is about a fifth of a unfinished story however i think it has some good points and helps explain the mind-fuck that is the call of duty zombie story line i will finish it hopefully within the next few days and post the whole thing up to the end of black ops and might even do some possibilities for the next game... anyway enjoy.

Our story begins with a dream a simple dream to improve the human condition to make us live longer better lives to heighten our senses to a near super level to make our lives as best and easy as possible. This is the dream of one Dr.Maxis, a German scientist who was the founder of group 935. 935 was a research group created to achieve the dream of improving the human condition it was independent, it wasn’t tied by any political ties it was unbiased diverse and above all home to some of the most intelligent minds in the world. Group 935 didn’t just hire you if you were German no they had German, British, America, Russian, Japanese, French members. Including one Dr.Edward Richtofen. Edward was the apprentice of Dr.Maxis and shadowed him for many years, aspiring to one day be head of group 935 and to be as intelligent as Maxis.

One of group 935’s projects was teleportation the scientists wanted to see if it was possible to transfer matter from one location to another. Up to the second world war this goal seemed impossible due to lack of funding and technology. 935 had bases all over the globe including the base in shi-no-numa, Area 51 and the der riece facility in Germany, but 935’s reach was further than any other organisation of its time, Griffon station was one of 935’s most acclaimed achievements a research facility on the moon.

A meteor crash landed just outside the perimeter of the shi-no-numa facility and was quickly brought in for samples and readings to be taken to 935’s amazement the rock code name 115 was giving off some kind of electromagnetic radiation 935 predicted that if harnessed correctly could control electrical bonds between atoms and help reach their goal of teleportation. Shi-no-numa was now used as a ware house to share out the element with other bases including griffon station.

Soon war broke out and the entire world was at each other’s throats, even group 935 was effected with members arguing about politics and who was right and wrong to be fighting and soon members stole planes equipment and knowledge and returned to their home countries those who stayed loyal however didn’t realise the depth of the problem, 935 was no short on everything funding equipment time and manpower in desperation Dr.Maxis turned to the richest power of the time, The Nazis.

Maxis had several secret meetings with the Reich command and came to an agreement 935 would be provided with everything it needed as long as it put all its research into weapons and ways to win the war although Maxis did not agree he had no choice he appointed Dr.Porter to create a weapon of supreme power. Porter was one of 935’s top weapon designers and using 115 created the ray gun the Nazi party were happy with the creation but desired more, Maxis then appointed Richtofen to alter the design and function of the ray gun to create something even more powerful. Despite he’s best efforts he could not do it nothing he done could make it any more powerful or deadly. It had seemed, he failed.

Richtofen approached Maxis several times on the sudden change of research being conducted. Maxis explained because he trusted Richtofen, although Richtofen didn’t like the idea of war he had no choice but to agree for keeping the secret he was allowed to continue in secret the teleportation research but was not allowed to produce results as the Nazi party would cut funding. After many failed experiments with and without element 155 Richtofen was able to transport a walnut 5 feet through a steel block using the teleportation devices on griffon station, he immediately informed Dr.Maxis begging to produce results. Maxis shunned the results and made a mockery of the experiments, this annoyed Richtofen and left him aiming for more he wanted to transport human.

Richtofen spent weeks re-calibrating the teleportation devices and when he thought it was ready for human test subject he offered himself as a lab rat. He powered up the machine, vanished, but didn’t re-appear for days. When he finally re-appeared he simply said ‘we have much work to do’.

He spoke stories of a cave were he found a black pyramid that spoke to him it had remarkable ancient symbols engraved around it and he wanted to open it everything he done was to open that pyramid. Soon the pyramid was brought to griffon station and upon someone touching it activated. A clear tube rose up from the corner and by mere coincidence a rat was found on the base because of contamination Richtofen order it to be killed and when it was something happened. Reports say ‘its soul left the body and was trapped in the tube’… Richtofen finally knew how to open it.

Meanwhile Maxis had recently been ordered to by the Nazi party to create spies so good no one would ever suspect them. At first Maxis tried normal German spy’s but found them to be ‘incompetent’ he then went on to use brainwashing on POW’s although it worked better the effects wore off quickly. He then turnt to brainwashing with help off 115. Maxis was given 3 test subjects an American a Russian and a Japanese when the results were reported back to the German high command the Nazis no longer wanted spy’s they wanted super solders the reports said that the test subjects physical condition had improved greatly and there ability in the field would be immense. The Nazi’s wanted every soldier to be like this because it was to be done on such a large scale the process had to be shortened and because the subjects did not need to be brainwashed the results were different each test subject showed heightened aggression and lack of cognitive functions and recognition basically it was angry didn’t know what it was doing and didn’t know who anyone was.

Early test subjects had to be ‘relieved of duty’ and the brainwashing was brought back into the formula in the verruct facility. The test subjects were given the dosage of 115 then ‘taught’ basic skills using shock therapy

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Guest MyLittleHellhound

You posted twice by the way.

Im not sure if that was a glitch or by accidnet, but know that people will eventually comment and give views and such, so no need to double post in the future :)

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Guest MegaAfroMan

Interesting take on the story line. Welcome to the site by the way! Good job on not typing like a troll too! That really makes me proud. Anyways, if you have any questions message me or anyone else, people with cool colored user names are usually pretty helpful. Admins, Mods, Dwellers, and the C.M. can help you quite a bit too. Enjoy your stay here at CoDz!

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