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Guest aegisknight

Hairbrain theory

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Guest aegisknight

I was listening to the zombie soundtrack while working today, and something in the lyrics bothered me. I don't even know what song it was, but the lyric was something along the lines of "father, why have you forsaken me"

which was fairly prominently featured.

Now, I've proposed in the past that Sam doesn't really have anything against 3 of the heros, just a bit Richtofen but mainly 935. But this made me think otherwise; the lyric could have been Sam talking, as is implied heavily in all of them.

We know in the past that Richtofen experimented on Sam fairly heavily, yet she never told her father about it despite not really being detained or anything. We also know that she was sent to the Aether, the destination Richtofen ultimately hoped to replace her in. She gives "gifts" to the party in the form of powerups, including to richtofen.

So my theory, which I expect to be disproven but I still find interesting, is that Richtofen and Sam actually got along quite well. The experiments performed by Richtofen on Sam were not acts of cruelty, but Ascension. Richtofen was just as eager to exact revenge on 935 for corrupting their original purpose as one would assume Sam was, hence Maxis's attempts to assuage her in the tapes found on Moon when they are both at Griffin Station.

I believe Sam is exacting revenge on Maxis directly by helping destroy his zombie army and the remnants of the corrupted 935, and Sam is a willing partner to these ends

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Guest MegaAfroMan

It is a very compelling and different idea, the only major flaw I can see right now is how Sam reacts to Richtofen during the 100 soul part of the Moon easter egg, threatening to kill him and rip him apart and whatnot, for "what he did to daddy". Other than that the rest fits, unless of course perhaps that whole bit there was just a scene to play, a ruse. Richtofen wants to be a God, and Sam wanted to be able to personally hunt and destroy 935, maybe they arranged to switch? Could be possible, maybe not probable, but definitely possible.

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Guest aegisknight

then it would be odd to consider she take offense to what he did to "daddy" when he theoretically did far more to her (with the experimentation and whatnot).

Perhaps they still have like goals in mind, but she eventually wants revenge against him as well.

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