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Zombie Boss Battles

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So I originally intended this to be 20 rounds and just a cool idea as a reply to the Mid-round vs. Between round Bosses thread. I ended up going farther than I originally intended and came up with an entire game mode, which is awesom IMHO. The details for the game mode are below

Name: Boss Battle Insanity


1- 10 zombies with low health and walk slowly

2- 10 Nova crawlers, low health and walk slowly

3- 10 dogs, spawning 3 at a time

4- 10 monkeys, coming 3 at a time.

5- 10 shriekers, coming 3 at a time medium health and speed

6- 30 zombies, low health and medium speed

7- 3 astronaut zombies, move slowly, high health

8- 3 Napalm zombies, slow with high health and coming all at once

9- 10 sprinter zombies, medium-low health with high speed

10- George Romero

11- 30 Nova crawlers, medium health and speed

12- Pentagon thief

13- New zombie type- called miners- they can go underground to get to you but can only kill you above ground. You can also see the path they are taking underground. They have the same health as a normal zombie. 3 come on this round, one at a time.

14- 3 engineer zombies. They have a slow speed at first but after they take a lot of damage they are fast. High health

15- Cosmic silverback, slow with very high health. Jumps in the air and lands where you are standing when he takes off.

16- 30 normal zombies, medium-high health and speed.

17- 30 Nova crawlers, medium health and speed, they now teleport

18- 10 dogs, spawning all at once with medium health

19- 10 monkeys coming all at once, medium health and speed.

20- 10 shriekers coming all at once, medium health and very high speed.

21- 30 zombies with high health and speed.

22- 3 astrounaut zombies, medium speed and high health.

23- 3 napalm zombies, very high health and high speed, coming one at a time.

24- 15 sprinter zombies, medium-high health and very high speed- they run as fast as you

25- George Romero, always enraged with high health.

26- 30 nova crawlers, with medium health and high speed

27- 2 pentagon thieves, faster than before

28- 4 miners with medium health and speed

29- 6 engineers, very high health

30- Cosmic Silverback, now boosts at you like in Dead Ops, very very high health and medium-low speed.

31- 30 zombies, high health and speed.

32- 30 crawlers, high health and speed.

33- 20 dogs, spawning all at once, high speed and health

34- 20 monkeys, spawning all at once, with high health and medium speed

35- 15 Shriekers, with very high speed and high health

36- 30 zombies with very high health and high speed.

37- 5 moonwalking astronaut zombies, very high health

38- 5 napalm zombies, high speed and very high health

39- 10 sprinter zombies, with high health and extreme speed (faster than you can run)

40- 2 enraged George Romeros

41- 30 nova crawlers, high health and speed

42- 3 pentagon thieves

43- 5 miner zombies, high health and speed.

44- 10 engineer zombies, medium speed and very very high health

45- 20 Zombies and 20 Nova Crawlers, all with very high health and speed

46- 10 monkeys, medium-high speed and high health. 10 dogs, high health and extreme speed

47- 5 running napalm zombies and 5 moonwalking astronauts.

48- 1 enraged George Romero and 2 pentagon thieves.

49- 10 miners, very high health and high speed, and 10 engineers with extreme health and medium-high speed.

50- 2 cosmic silverbacks, medium speed and insane health. They sometimes boost underground only to pop up to kill you.

51-100 is the same but way more intense (I know it's hard to imagine it being any harder)

So I originally intended this to be 20 rounds and just a cool idea. I ended up going farther because zombies is endless right? So I developed an entire game mode, the details of it are below.

- Playable on any map

- You start off with 5000 points and have as long as you want to prepare for it. When you are ready you hit the power switch.

- All guns and perks are available besides the baby gun and vr-11. You can buy perks before the power is turned on.

- PaP is also available, but is open for use whenever you need it, like ascension.

- All Wonder weapons besides the ray gun, winter's howl, and scavenger do not damage these types of zombies: Astronaut, George Romero, Pentagon Thief, Cosmic Silverback. They are 2 hit kills on monkeys and Engineers, and a one hit on anything else.

- No tactical grenades are available

- Semtex, Claymores, and Bowie knife can be bought off the wall.

- When the silverback hits you, it counts as 3 hits from a zombie. This means you go down in one hit without jugg and 2 with jugg.

- Power ups dropped are 2x points, carpenter, and fire sale. You only get other power ups for killing special bosses. George drops a perk bottle, the Pentagon Thief drops a Bonfire sale, Killing all the astronaut zombies rewards you with max ammo. Killing the silverback gives you a max ammo, perk bottle, and a bonfire sale. There are no nukes in this game mode because of the small amount of zombies each round

- Round 15 would be considered average

- Round 30 would be a very impressive wave

- Round 50 would be legendary.

Any feedback would be cool, Thanks. :D

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Guest killallzombies

you need to copy right this before activision takes it :lol::lol:

this would be VERY epic

i don't like the idea of the thieves being faster than you tho,just me i guess

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

No maybe not but still, all you would have to do is pull out your bad weapon and let him take it. And when you get to the round with George and the thieves you screwed anyways because George will be slowing you down in his anger.

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Guest Jake-Duck

Why no 31-79 JGb215 and V-R11?

The V-R11 gives your partner insta kills when they are shot, and it can calm down George Romero. The JGb shrinks any zombie, so it would cause insta kills on any boss.

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