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Guest Matuzz

Dr. Gerhard Schrader -> Pentagon thief

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Guest Matuzz

I'm wondering if Gerhard Schrader could be the Doctor who Edward had to wary.

The illuminati note in Kino has Tabun and Sarin pictures and Gerhard Schrader was the German doctor who had found them.

The note suggest that the doctor is travelling in time, making me think of Pentagon thief.

Maybe Gerhard Schrader went to US after the war and then jumped back in time to destroy his own work or prevent its usage in Kino. Pentagon is full of stuff from Kino so I'm sure US raided that place.

But when thinking it first Dr. Gerhard Schrader can't be the thief and the whole note can't be talking about the thief as the thief is working FOR illuminati so Edward shouldn't be worried about him.

So is this mysterious doctor who can time travel Scharder and be the one in the blank photo?

First working for Group 935 creating the toxins and later deciding it would be better to destroy them and help US.

Tabun and Sarin was used by Ascension group to make Nova6 which resulted in creation of Nova6 zombies.

Nova6 was direct thread for the US so it would make sense for them trying to stop its creation.

But they of course failed it because Pentagon is filled now with zombies. I think Edward succeeded at taking out or setting trap to the Schrader. And resulting zombies teleporting from the portal that Schrader came from and infesting the Pentagon.

But it is possible after all that Schrader became Pentagon thief after working for US. Maybe Richtofen or other Illuminati members captured him and brainwashed. In result Schrader started working for Illuminati like Richtofen and became Pentagn thief going back to Pentagon and causing zombie breakthrough in there.

Pointing at Schrader being the thief is that thief's lab coat has image of Sarin gas.

The lab coat also had Group 935 logo in it, making sense if Schrader originally worked for Group 935 creating Tabun and Sarin.

So here is little of my lately thoughts, discuss 8-)


The kino note and images of Tabun and Sarin.

Below you can see the same image of Sarin in thief's coat and also the 935 logo.


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Guest MixMasterNut

Personally, I've been under the assumption that Gerhard Schrader ""father of the nerve agents", is the real-world counter part to Fredrich Steiner (creator of Nova 6).

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Guest Schrödinger

Why he would not the person whose he has the face ?

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