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Attn way2g00 - time taken to get to high rounds

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Way with your recent epic run on Ascension I think you hold some information which could be valuable to other CODZers, namely the amount of time it took to get to key rounds.

Anyway you can provide time taken to say get to 50, then 70, then 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100?

I really want to do a 100 run but the time is putting me off massively.

I'm limited to 2-4 hours per day maximum, and I've noticed a lot of local lag recently on my Black Ops. I suspect my PS3 is coming near to end of life. This may be a good way to send it to retirement.

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Guest perfectlemonade

I'm not way2goo, but I just got finished with a high round Ascension run!

50 hours took me about 4 1/2 hours.

70 took about 7/12 hours.

80 took 10 hours.

This is went I suggest going to sleep.

85 took 14-15 hours.

90 took 20 hours.

95 took at least 26 hours.

Idk about 100, I got to 97 and died. D:

Hope this helped! There's really a lot of factors that go into it, though. I made the mistake of not taking full advantage of the traps. Past, oh, 75 or so, I would suggest using those almost exclusively for killing. It's gonna take some more time, but I think it would be worth it in the end.

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Guest way2g00

Can't remember on top of my head but I have a log here on codz..



To round:

50: 4 hours

70: 7 hours

80: 9 hours

85: 11 hours

90: 13 hours

95: 16 hours

100: 20 hours


This is if you are a speed runner like me. I normally just make points when I am waiting for the trap. Don't like to waste too much time building points. I also alternate between my thundergun and mule kick trap in higher rounds when it takes more than one complete and pap'ed thundergun to complete a round.You can do this in 2 sittings really. Till 70 in one sitting and the rest in other. But have to spent 10 hours both times. If you use the right strategy of switching b/w traps and t-gun this will speed up your game. The reason being you don't have to wait for the trap to cool down and use that time to horde zombies and use your thundergun alternatively. I don't recommend using stamin up trap because of a bad spawn and it is too far from lander and bit risky to use.

Pro tip: Never use gerches or regular guns to kill zombies when you are full in ammo. Deplete thunder gun ammo first then use either gersches/ray gun to kill zombies at low rounds (30-70)

I always told myself I am going for speed. Otherwise these rounds will take forever.

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