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Leaked Zombie Map Quarantine/Cave Photp

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Guest yellow-card8

Fake, why would they even show a picture of the next map THIS early, they didn't tell us about kino until like the last week of black ops' realease, fake and BS, now please leave :facepalm:

Regards Yellow-card8

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Be kind to new members, we all need to learn first.

As it was said, it is a fake. It is just a random picture of whatever. Could be self made, could be a screener out of other dark games like doom or quake. The low quality says, that the uploader doesn't want to see you details to debunk it, it is too dark for COD Zombies, no Treyarch sign or something, and they would never leak a pic that freaky early. It is just something you download from a desktop pics site under the category gaming-creepy.

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Guest i am richtofen

Why is every one posting here saying its fake ? Guys it is a troll he/she WANTS a reaction. Just by posting here saying its fake you are giving him/her the satisfaction of wasting a few minutes of your time. Best thing to do really is just ignore this whole thread and let the troll move on to the next site.

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Guest TroubledTurkey

wait.... this guy never said it was true... Everyone makes mistakes lol.

Looks kinda like a piece of Ascension though. Near SpeedCola/Sickle Lander. The moment I saw the image, I thought I had seen it before. It LOOKS like it COULD just be a picture of Ascension, but thats just what I think I see.

Side Note: Posts regarding this got hostile pretty quick. What ever happened to respect? I know you say its a troll and all that, but the guy didnt even say a word trying to pursuade anyone it was true.

(On youtube, on message boards, its just plain asshole-ness to go around spouting "FakeFAKEFAKETROLLTROLLTROLL~!" at stuff like this. Why not just make a list of reasons why it cannot be real, and present them in an organized, and RESPECTFUL way. If the guy IS a troll, he will just never come back. If its a legit New-user that wants to be part of the community, he will thank you for your insight and have a new way of looking/thinking about this... Geeze...)

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Guest Superhands

I found this link on youtube, and it looks like it could be a zombie map.

C'mon guys, what happened to respecting other members? As Turkey said, just be respectful and if he is a troll then he won't come back. I think the title is what did it for most people, mind. But yeah, remeber the Code of Conduct here.

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