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Moon problems

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Just downloaded reserection I assume thats the pack with the moon map as it mentiones it in the dl info but it dosent show up in split screen 2 player and in multiplayer it sez moon needs to be downloaded.

just wonderin if anyone can tell me whats up or maybe im overlooking something?

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Did you download the right one? Each download has a BLES code that only works for a disc with the correct code. You can find this code on the side of your Black Ops case.

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Guest Max_AmmO

dunno I'll check into that It was a free DL tho wich I thout was kinda strange It was a zombie moon theme 4 other z maps and zombie soundtrack.

and I'm pretty shure I only had one option as to what version or whatever to DL.

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You should get about 5-7 different downloads for both Moon and the Classic maps, a theme and the Zombie soundtrack installer. Look through the downloads and find the ones w/ your BLES code, then download either one of them and if it works on Black Ops, download the other pack.

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