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Zombie Ideas

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Hello zombie fans

My younger brother(20) and myself(23) love playing this game from WaW on.

We are Die hard gamers when it comes to zombies and talk a lot about it after we had a round of meat sack riping.

we talk about various topics, how to improve the game, story line, history of the game and so on.

following are some Ideas we'd like to Share with you.

Additional Ideas

#1. Item Drops

Slow Motion - Upon pickup Zombies go in slow Motion, drop effect lasts for xx(30) seconds (gives time to buy something, revive, shoot, reload, combination with other Item drops etc)

Turrets activation - Upon pickup all turrets activate (same time as normal or longer, just firing off some ideas, could also make this work for traps in total)

Random Drop - Upon zombie death or trigger, Item shuffles visually through a set of the existing Items you can walk through to pick up.

when waiting too long the Item resolves itself to one.

#2. Attachment Machine

Set an attachment to your weapon for 2500 points each. (max 2)

Pack a punch would not set an attachment to your weapon anymore.

it would just upgrade your weapons power, graphics and increase the max ammo you can carry.

Works for Equipments too. (claymore)

#3. Zombie Horde

we would like a bit more diversity within the Horde.

we love the different type of models fitting the looks and atmosphere of the new maps and some of the new moves.

though what would be nice is like there are different humans.

a little more fat or slim zombies, acquiring HP or speed difference appropriate.

the idea is to make difference with the speed and Hp besides the graphics not too outstanding.

it must remain part of the standard zombie Horde, blending in.

the frequency, Imagen something like 1 on 15 regular zombies

#4. Primary Grenades

Normal grenades - gained from spawn, good for making crawlers

Semtex grenades - Should cost more on the wall, have a higher damage explosion.

Fire grenades* - Should cost the same as Semtex, in contrary to the semtex these have a low damage explosion but a wider spread of fire, damaging Zombies while their burning. (not like the WaW flame thrower damage)

If you can think of a other type of primary grenade instead of the Fire grenade feel free to post it, (keep inmind to have it inbalance with the Semtex)


#1. Map Interaction-

we love the new maps and ideas the team brings us.

However we suggest to bring back more map interaction for example the traps.

It creates more diversity and tactical play within a map.

to make it more balanced think of making traps cost more or the same/ take longer or faster to reuse like the turrets.

most importantly It Should not Instant Kill an zombie or enemy.

For traps Think of elements such as Fire / Water / Electricity / Air Pressure /

Fire burning them damage (however not as much as the flamethrower damage from WaW)

Electricity could give them damage and a stun effect.

Air pressure can push the zombies away and so on.

the Importance is bringing back more Map interaction on a Balanced way!

Power Switch, for example 2 levers, each one on a different location in the map away from eachother.

Map interaction On Moon with the hacker device was a brilliant Idea!

Kino der toten teleport Linking was a great balanced way for an escape route as well.

speaking of escape routes the costs for the teleports on Der Riese was balanced too.

i.e. For the Fire grenade Idea, a mapper could create a pool of oil in the map, wheres a player could throw the fire grenade on, causing the oil to burn for a short while.

About Easter eggs i recommend to not single out people who are alone and cant find a good zombie partner, because 70% of the online players wont take the time to do them with you.

Ive lost a bit of interest in the story line because we lack a 4th active player, to do them ourselves.

watching it on youtube just doesn't make up for it.

#2. Mystery Box -

Next to the normal Teddie bear

An Evil Teddie bear with red eyes could pop up, causing the mystery box not to spawn for one round.

This Learns people to rely more on weapons from the wall and use caution with the mystery box.

hopefully getting more of an social behavior around the mystery box.

Firesale still works normally to save the day.

another effect when this teddie bear appears could be switching the power back off.

I would say blow Ideas away

#3. Instant kill Element-

Continuing on Instant kill

We believe this Element makes the game too easy like the gersch device This Element should only be narrowed down to the Item Drop "Instant Kill" and "Nuke".

If you must, the wonder weapon could have the impact of instant kill as it can be carried by one person only and is easily depleated from ammunition, it has a Self rescue and Hero effect which makes it worth while.

though It would be the max limit to our opinion.

NO grenade, No trap, No Dolls, with instant kill.

for example the dolls could rather give them a damage of up till round 30 it would kill a zombie instantly but not further.

same with other things there has to be a limit to make the game challenging for any round.

#4. PHD Flopper

concerning the self damage effect It should act as a juggernog for self damage.

meaning with in example sally & mustang you would kill yourself after lets say 8shots mix this up with a slap from a zombie and you got protection the perk serves for but it would challenge you to watch out.

(no Self God mode).

again this is pointing out balance / challenge / skill reward.

#5. Perk Balance

right now the amount of slots you got and available for perk machines to make a choice, dont actually balance itselfs out to make it interesting.

everyone buys pretty much the same on a serious level resulting in less diversity in the team and outcome of events.

ofcourse there are fun moments where you dont give a fuck and want to try something. :E

but we are not talking about that right now.

The Idea we got is simple and familiar with the COD fans.

For each Perk machine create a Pro version.

first buy the Perk, for a higher price you can make it Pro the 2nd time on the same machine.

This would more easily reduce the amount of perk machines coming for the future, better to create for maps design and most importantly easier balance the available Perk machines out to one another.

i.e. one could say Juggernog Machine, the Pro version would add PHD Flopper.

it is just an example of the existing perks, could also create a set of new ones for the Pro versions.

#6. Special Rounds

HellHound/Monkey type Round

we would like to see the loop of xx(5) rounds back with an enemy, it doesn't have to be each map but it should not be completely removed neither like in the last 3 rounds.

reward the players in this round with something(Item drop, Map environment related, you name it)

Boss Round

Starting from Round 10 or 15 or 20.

Introducing a Boss character, i.e. (one fat ugly zombie with a load of HP)

with some other enemies during the map (Hellhound, nova gas, monkeys, something new)

doing massive damage together would be fun, while it requires to save ammo for this round is a pain in the ass enough.

reward the players at least with a "max ammo" drop.

each 10 rounds the boss comes back with more helpers and more HP.


key is not to make the boss annoying just tuff!

#7. Tactical play camping or running

Both, this is the fun in playing zombies doing what you like.

In my opinion tactical camping results ultimately in getting overrun and requires a lot of Team play.

Ive noticed in the last 3 maps the team kind of wanted to take this away.

not good. Call of the dead was awesome, except for not having the original characters for one map the change was nice.

The gameplay was awesome.

just dont remove tactical teamplay completely from zombies.

require teamplay from this to get to a higher round instead of easter egg or unlucking the pack a punch.

those things just make it less playable online or keep people from continuing in the story.

we Hope this has Helped some and you have enjoyed reading them.

it took us some time to write it.

ive repeatedly read this out loud to my brother with a British accent for the fun of it.


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Guest killallzombies

1.the fire gernade sounds like the molotov cocktail

2.the turret activation drop is already a drop in PC mod tools (there are loads of turrets attached to walls.when activated,the turrets begin to fire)

3.to take out instant kill traps and gerche type weapons would be like taking out the wunder weapons themselves

4.lowering flopers ability would be like when they took out scavenger for MW3,ppl began to cry

thats the only things i see problems with,the rest was good

don't get people started on the attachment machine


god i hate trolls

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Guest Merchant

I like your ideas, particularly the attachment machine and more map interaction. However I don't quite understand what the whole "Instant kill Element" section was about. Care to elaborate? Is it a nerf, buff, or new power up all together?

I think PHD flopper is fine as is, considering suicide bombing zombies by cooking a grenade and running into a horde is one of the GREATEST THINGS EVER.

I like the pro idea, it would save space but not be too OP as long as they balance the price.

A boss round would be great. A round where all the zombies are gone and you have to kill George Romero to continue, or something, and he gets harder every few rounds (Taking a cue from Gears 3 of course)

Semtex would be cool. I would even take it a step further and suggest C4. Imagine the suicide bombing plots you could create with some C4 and PHD flopper!

EDIT: Okay, I reread the instant kill section. I agree that traps shouldn't get insta-kill (Though most of them kill super good without it anyway), but grenades should remain as-is.

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Guest Blamco177

A "swarmer" would be nice.

My definition: A small creature fast, weak, and traveling in larger numbers.

It may sound like a hell hound, but I mean this in large scales.

Think this in a different standpoint.

1 player= 100 "swarmers"

2 players= 200 etc etc.

Something fresh to the table in terms of special rounds.

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Thanks for reading our Ideas guys.

1.the fire gernade sounds like the molotov cocktail

one could make it the molotov cocktail. personally I would like that more badass

we went with fire grenade considering the times black ops was in. though it doesn't matter.

the point was "there should be more primary grenades available balanced".

about the turret Item drop nice, didn't know it was available on the PC mod we play console.

Hope it will appear in the official game from the dev team :mrgreen:

about the PHD Flopper and Instant Kill Element I think people miss understood or just disagree.

I'll try to make it more clear.

the PHD Flopper would act as an Patch or armor for self damage, increase self damage HP.

meaning a player can still cook a grenade and suicide into a horde of zombies without getting killed :mrgreen:

or rescue yourself with a raygun by shooting at the floor/feet of the zombies.

a player would be more resistance then usual to self damage before needing to regenerate.

how much resistance is up to the developers really.

we just feel the self god mode makes zombies too easy.

normally when you get cornered by zombies in this survival game it is over and you are down.

unless you manage some lucky tricks to save yourself, PHD flopper would increase the odds of making it out alive.

not make it always, I mean give me sally & mustang or a similar weapon with PHD flopper and I can not be killed unless something really crazy happens.

this doesn't reward skill or challenges the player.

PHD Flopper should act as an Juggernog for self damage.

Instant kill Element.

we mainly complain about the gersch device, by the look of things the developer team is already aware of the Instant kill element should not appear much in the game.

gaining 3 gersch devices with like 3 players makes any map easy. (takes out a lot of the challenge, our boredom point is easily reached at round 20)

the gersch device in model, the idea, the story behind it is well thought out, love it.

we believe instant kill should only be found in a Item Drop or the wonder weapon.

honestly dont do the wonder weapon with instant kill neither.

something that was Instant Kill could instead be giving insanely amount of damage.

isn't the Red Hyena like that? I know the Zeus cannon is like that.

the Zeus cannon is one of the best wonder weapons created.

it is fine as it is.

we would like more balance, build up, skill reward, challenging etc like any zombie fan.

In any case whatever the dev team decide to add to increase the odds of surviving people will learn it and it counts for everybody.

A "swarmer" would be nice.

My definition: A small creature fast, weak, and traveling in larger numbers.

It may sound like a hell hound, but I mean this in large scales.

Think this in a different standpoint.

1 player= 100 "swarmers"

2 players= 200 etc etc.

Something fresh to the table in terms of special rounds.

brilliant Idea

I hope this helps the developers to improve this game if they read it.

because that is what matters,

Ill enjoy any of the existing maps none the less :-]

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Good ideas, well written! Have some [brains]

I especially like the map interaction part.

I posted my ideas here. Funny, that many points are similar ;) : viewtopic.php?p=160935#p160935

I've read some of your ideas, it is good to see some are the same.

it might give out a louder noise to the developers.

I'll list onces that I find good from that Entire Thread, including your ideas.

1. Free spectating in the map when you are dead.

8. Map interaction - Swim underwater to a other part of the map!(small areas where you have to dive and swim in order to get somewhere, zombies would follow you)

16. Map Interaction - Bring back red exploding barrels.

21. Map Interaction - Add some enviromental hazard that can kill you or lower your healt not just zombies!

- More focus on knifing, add a tomahawk or some sort, Type of weapon Attachments "Attach knife".

- Make high rounds more interesting, i.e. now till 25, would be nice till 35.

New** - Host Migration, At each round save the information of each player, perks,points, weapons. once connection is lost, hold a host migration, once resolved restart the last round.

- Search filter (players survived till round 30 on this map) it happens already in online lobby behaviour, they join, watch score, leave and repeat this till they have found some potentially good players.

adding a search filter would speed up finding a match and boost online play.

Add region filter on/off for a good connection.

- Show loading state of all 4. Do not let me wait 5 minutes if one guy times out during loading. Make it possible to abort a load up.

Ok ive summarized a few, this is quite demanding but there are good ideas inbetween.

The Host migration solution is added by myself.

maybe there is a better way to solve it but this sounds decent and not lag causing.

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Guest Zombiekiller36

I think they need to add more maps that are mentioned in der reise. germany england and france were mentioned in der reise near the telaporters. so far i only know they made germany. black ops firing range zombies?. look at it it is neat.

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Guest MegaAfroMan

These are some really nice idea's [brains] for you Vamppa. I personally, only disagree with the removal of Gersh Device type grenades, and traps. The Gershes even with all 4 people having them, will not be too helpful past the 30's if there are no forms of auto max ammo drops, on moon, the astronaut glitch causes the potentially infinite max ammos with the hacker to be balanced, even if it is not meant to do that it nonetheless makes it less over powered to have gershes and the hacker to get max ammo's whenever you want them. Any how I wish that there was some element added to the game that made every game within a map more unique, such as random weapon lists in the box, or rearrange wall weapons (except for the starting two), or more Pack-a-Punch effects along the lines of the Balistics or Crossbow. I would prefer a bunch of unique upgrades instead of the generic, more power, more ammo, faster firing rate, pretty scope. Even the G-11 was good enough, no sway, and full auto from a 3 shot burst (however deadshot makes the no sway thing somewhat un-unique). I also would like to see increased melee possibilities, and would love the idea of a super perk, such as the Fates in Dead-ops, make a certain round (such as 20) be a unique boss round and upon completion the players are teleported to a super perk room where they all randomly activate a 115 meteor and get a super perk, it should remain with them unless they completely die, at which case they should respawn with a preset super-perk.

Idea's could be

Conservationist-25% more ammo in all guns, 1.25 larger clips.

Gunslinger-double all damage multipliers to weapons

The real doctor- zombies ignore the player while reviving, upon revival of player the other player is ignored by zombies for 10 to 15 seconds. The reviver cannot shoot while reviving, the revivee cannot shoot while being revived or during the invincibility period.

Thrifty- all purchases, cost 1/2 price, player constantly receives 2x points.

Preset respawn- Undead- player can purchase one free perk and one free weapon, player also can take one extra zombie hit before downing, however sprint time is decreased by 1 second.

These only have minor thought put into them, as I just came up with them off the top of my head. I would like to see more than anything though, a zombies only player card, with kill/death ratios, highest rounds, average rounds, average revives, and all sorts of odd bits of info available. If they only slightly improve gameplay but drastically overhaul the online records and social aspect of the game I would be happy.

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Guest Superhands

I'm not a fan of messing with the format of this game much, I think it's found it's happy medium and any more wold be OTT.

Some great ideas here though, I'd like to see an attachment machine so I could use the basically-unlimited Flamethrower again like back in the [email protected] days ;)

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nice MegaAfroMan!!! have some [brains] too

there are some good ideas there really possible to do something with for the developers.

I agree the gersch device with the astronaut bug does make it balanced in addition to the hacker can only be used in a place with artificial air with map interaction.

perfect balance.

the wunderwaffe in WaW with the self Zap bug is another example for "Not meant like that" but turned out oke thing.

if only the developers would later fix that and make such consequences Intended to happen but raise awareness about it, through visuals or on loading screen comment.

or character voice comment, theres all sort of ways.

Richtofen: Watch out with the Gersch device, it makes that astronaut hornnyyy aaiiuh

am just naming something.

a bug could be eliminated, and be replaced with a similar weight consequences.

in example: the wunderwaffe electrode self damage could make your screen red, (one hit away from being dead) instead of being equal to ray gun splash damage.

meaning the wunderwaffe can save you once, then you need to regenerate.

with PhD Flopper you are good to wield this weapon on yourself as on your enemy.

all in all my younger brother and I get it that zombies is meant to go till round 25-30.

the rest is just 1337 playing, train managing, luck.

like in the idea above it would be nice if that is extended to 35 or something by having a longer build up (attachment machine, Pro perks, Boss Round)

the playability through these things would make it longer enjoyable or more map repeatable.

nothing crazy, we think zombies shouldn't be meant to go higher.

I've forgotten to add this to the first post.

#4. Weapon Balance

We love the first room wall balance with getting to choose from a shotgun type Olympia and the m14. though we miss the kar.

in Black ops we feel the stages of wall weapons as you move on in the map are weak.

wall weapons after unlocking areas was more rewarding in World at War.

weapons overall such as the Snipers, revolver, rpg have improved in black ops to a more balanced way.

mustang & sally are just awesome. a great reward as you have to carry it and keep one slot to the handgun.

though the shotguns have been weakened, which was a bad move as they lack the point ability compared to most other weapons already.

I'll cut to the case.

what it ultimately comes down to after having a fun build up.

is the balance in the end weapons. Ray Gun, a wonder weapon, Heavy Machine gun, mustang & sally.

right now there aren't many options.

there used to be the ppsh and the flame thrower as balanced options in WaW.

It doesn't matter what weapons, we would like to see a more balanced variety in that. for example the pack a punched Olympia with the dragon breath bucks could of done a lot more damage compared to any other shotgun type.

maybe a after burn effect that could light 1 other zombie. (not as good as the flamethrower from WaW, the burning damage less as well)

it would have put this baby right up being an "available Option" later in the rounds.

with these things I very much agree with what MegaAfroMan has said.

am already glad there are 2 type of special weapons ballistic and crossbow in black ops.

thats the way to go!

right myself and younger brother have said more then enough :)

I hope this thread turns into something nice.

keep the ideas realistic


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Guest MegaAfroMan

I think a nice way to improve late game stagnancy could be to make all guns after Pack-a-punching have very very similar Damage Per Second stats, the cost to PaP is always 5000 so why not encourage players to PaP the weak guns as well? In almost all cases (with a few notable exceptions) weak guns are still much weaker than strong guns after they both have been Pack-a-punched. I really would like to see the weapon choice come down more to preference and playing style than to what will kill the most. If you want to go really high and not take forever doing so you do not have much of a choice, you need the raygun, the Wonder weapon/ M&S, and/or an LMG. I think that PaP could be bumped up to be perhaps more expensive but much more powerful, say the L96 pap-ed would auto quickscope heads with deadly accuracy, and the spectre would make you move at 150% normal speed, and the Stakeout gained 3x the amount of spread distance and pellets, china lake caused an explosion similar to (weaker than) the astronaut exploding, etc. Most players can rack up the necessary points to PaP quite quick most of the time, so if we raise the price by 2500 or even double it to 10000 then it would not really be too unobtainable by the time you need those weapons for survival. Or perhaps have a super pack-a-punch, or the aether-o-matic wich would then cost that additional points where the normal PaP would still be 5000 with its current effects, purchasing the super PaP or activating the Aether-o-matic for another 5000 or 10000 points would then give it the final power boost (all weapons would end up around the same base DPS wise) and the unique effect for the weapon. It would allow the rounds from 30-40 actually to be playable without spending hours of time spraying or needing the raygun or wonder weapon. Granted the ray and wonder weapon should still be better than any super PaP weapons when they are also upgraded that far.

I think Super PaP and a perma-super-perk would help address late game monotony a lot and help those in the early game have more goals to strive towards.

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Guest Der atzi

I would start by having to pap a weapon, then putting the pap weapon into the aretu-o-matic would upgrade THAT! But the areture cost 10000 and there should also be a machine called perk-a-punch, that allows you to improve your perks, you'd buy the perk a punch after buying a perk then you would receive a mechanism that when used in front of the perk machine you just bought would increase the perks power, I suggest starting with jug. Because if you go down you lose it all.... Perk a punch cost 5000 and the upgraded perk will cost 1000 more than what you bought it for...

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Host migration... Never thought of that but thats it man...

@hands: I think too, the basics of the game should stay. But I don't hesitate to post radical ideas, since I trust Treyarch to realize only ideas that will keep the style of the game, or they realize crazy ideas in a way i doesn't change too much.

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