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Nazi Zombies Story

Naucht Der Untoten- Moon

The Story

This is my theory. Richtofen was Dr. Maxis’ assistant. Dr. Maxis is head of the research party, known of group 935, for Germany. This was a top secret group during WWII that was assigned to research thing that seemed impossible at the time to help win the war. One of which is teleportation. They were trying to perfect teleporting with P.O.W. who were pronounced dead because they weren’t ever found after battles. This is why none of the countries searched for these men. So when they are testing these new things in Germany’s occupation something strange happened in a number of areas. 5 meteors landed in 5 different areas of the world. 1 landed in Germany (this landed in Naught Der Untoten. That’s why the plane went down and the area started to become zombie infested. This is why the airfield specialists had to fight for their lives. Unfortunately they failed there goal). This is when Dr. Maxis started working with the undead and advancing in teleportation and weapons research. Element 115 has now become the main supplier for DG weapons (such as the Ray gun, the Wunderwaffe and the Thundergun) and electric research. Verruckt is where they got test subjects besides P.O.W.’s. The insane asylum is also where they test new substances (Perks) on people that they didn’t care what happened to. The USA wanted to see what was going on in Europe, because Germany had taken most of it, and to see Germany’s research. They sent two top rank agents in for recon, Tank Dempsey and Peter (his last name is yet to be determined). While they were investigating the zombie outbreak happened. Peter’s team was left stranded at Verruckt and had to fight them off. Peter’s team had died but Peter made it to the power. The lever was stuck and while he was trying to lift it a zombie had snuck up from behind him and bit his hand off. His hand was stuck on the lever and he had to leave it behind. He ran and ran until he found an exit. He roamed Germany for days until the Nazis found and captured him (by the way. The Germans were able to contain Verruckt barley). They sent him to Shi No Numa Japan to be tested on as well. The 2nd Meteor hit as the plane was arriving over the research center. The plane was going down and peter grabbed a parachute and jumped out. He eventually landed in the main room (where you would normally start in the game). He saw the meteor out there from the room. He knew that that they were coming, and with a team, he barely survived. But alone? He had no chance. He decided to hang himself to save himself from the tortured. That’s why there is a hanging guy on the roof. That’s Peter’s story. Tank Dempsey’s is a little harder to explain. But here is a theory (there is no proof. This is just an educated guess). Tank Dempsey’s team lost contact with Peter’s team so he had to continue on mission without him. Tank was to search Der Riese (although the place is actually called Waffenfabrik) for new weapons research the Germans might have discovered. Tank then discovered the zombies there. He had one of his team members send a radio message to Peter’s team (that’s why we don’t know the voice of the man sending the message in the radio in Shi No Numa. He is unknown). That’s why the message says to keep Der Riese contained. (Back to Der Riese real quick so that so that the rest make sense to Tank’s story). Dr. Maxis has done several tests that failed miserably from time to time. There is a message that records the conversation between Dr. Maxis and Samantha (his Daughter) about keeping a dog. Dr. Maxis tells her that she is going to have puppies which mean that the dog (Fluffy) was pregnant at the time. Dr. Maxis and Richtofen continued with the test. They finally try and animal for these tests and for some unexplained reason Dr. Maxis uses Fluffy as the test subject. Of course the dog disappears but doesn’t reappear at the mainframe. The dog appears in a ball of electricity (like it would in the game) and appears as a zombie dog (this event tells us where hell hounds come from. You see the dog was pregnant at the time of her turning into a zombie dog so she had puppies and made more hellhounds. This also tells why they appear in balls of electricity). Dr. Maxis records it as a failure but a discovery. He wants to observe the dog so he opens the door but at the same time Samantha sees that her dog is a monster and she runs to him. Dr. Maxis runs after her to protect her from the dog. Then Richtofen locks the door behind him and sends them through the teleporter to kill him because he wanted to become the new leader of the research because he thought that Dr. Maxis was too incompetent to advance in research. (Back to Tanks story) Tank’s team became compromised and test subjects themselves. Tank’s team died from tests but before Tank could be tested on the zombies became out of control. Richtofen didn’t know what to do. He knew that the teleporters finally worked. He freed the test subjects (Nikolia, Takeo and Tank) and convinced them that fighting with him was the only way to survive. He offered that chance if they wanted it (they accepted). Richtofen thought of the only other research station that was still operating but wasn’t on an outbreak, that place was Shi No Numa. Richtofen teleported them there but somehow went into the future. (There is a message in Shi No Numa that explains what happens). “Eh… Where are we?” “A better question Dempsey is….” “When are we?” “No! Where the *bleep* is my vodka?” “Yes, of course. The DG-2 must have overloaded the teleporter, ripping space-time, back tracing us to the future! Ha-ha how wonderful” (Takeo throwing up vodka bottle)*cling* “There’s my vodka. Thank you, Takeo.” “Come on, Tak. Suck it up and walk it off!” The second meteor landed in japan at Shi No Numa research center. After realizing what happened to the teleporter richtofen finally fixed it and went back to Der Riese (or Waffenfabrik) because he had to collect what was left of his research (including the Wunderwaffe)(This is also why Richtofen knows what to do at Der Riese. For Example: “if I remember correctly we must now activate the central mainframe. I mean….ohh, this is so confusing.”). Most the research has been either taken with those who escaped or destroyed. Samantha now haunts the facility (if you do the flytrap Easter egg and other secret things in Der Riese you would know what I mean) and for some other unknown reason helps you by dropping power ups for you (here is my theory about that. You know about the flytrap. Well she plays hide and seek with you. Well I think that this is some sort of game she plays with you and to keep the game going she drops the powers for you). After fighting off the horde they get in the teleporter again and arrive at Kino der Toten because it was a Nazi theater and that’s where Dr. Maxis was going to present it (you see I think that when the teleporter finally worked, Dr. Maxis linked a teleporter to another one they built at the theater. They were going to open the curtain and watch Dr. Maxis arrive through the teleporter and make a speech about the milestone that he hit (but that didn’t go as planned. I think that when the zombie outbreak hit, they went through the teleporter instead and all hell broke loose). Again the teleporter made them go into the future I little more and had to fight off the zombies and Richtofen had to fix the teleporter and go somewhere safe (not only was this to present the teleporter but to present the DG-3 or the Thundergun). They then went to a Russian research center (known as Ascension).the teleporter sent them to the cold war era when the Russians are making space age inventions (one being the Gersch devise). This is where messages have Samantha’s voice in the background and the recordings talk about being stalked. There is also talk of child toy’s being found in and around the base (this could be Samantha haunting the base for some reason. Maybe because of Richtofen?) Then they went too far into the future and arrived at the Call of the Dead. This quote proves that theory. “Ah, that’s better. Now I can see the problem. We must have gone too far into the future. Look, the teleporters completely broken. The time circuits are damaged.” There they talked to the people outside the door and walking them through on what to do. One includes finding Nikolai’s Vodka bottle and finding the golden rod. Now the golden rod is an important part on finishing the story (the new V-R11 weapon could possibly be the DG-4. The scavenger, I don’t think, is a DG weapon.). Next we go to Shangri-La. This one includes the Orb which is also an important part of the grand finale. There is a person (which there is a radio explaining his presents there) trapped underneath the ground. You need to free him and get the orb (there is a shrink gun, 31-79 JGB215, that you need for the easter egg and that could possibly be the DG-5). After you get the orb you go the zombie level Moon. Although in literal terms, you go to area 51. I see it at this. There is a radio message saying that the USA had a high supply of 115 at the Nevada base (Area 51) and due to that, zombies started to come to life and kill everyone on earth. The plague has spread worldwide by now. The team had to get off earth. They used a teleporter to go to moon. From there they had to solve the code on the computer put the orb in the pyramid and get the souls of zombies in to 4 tubes. After that Samantha’s body rises from the pyramid and her soul is released. Then this is where the information gets sketchy. Somehow Dr. Maxis got in the computer and Dr. Richtofen talks to him and tries to get him to stop what he is doing. Then Dr. Maxis then offers the others the opportunity to minimize the damage that richtofen will inevitably cause. At the end Dr. Maxis fires 3 rockets and aims them at earth and blows up the earth which, in truth, minimized the damage that was caused. That’s my theory now I will go into specifics for you on the next page. Please comment.

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Guest killallzombies

i've only read 1/2

1.hammerface plz link our descussion of NDU,i'm not on my comp

2.tank's team was in verruckt and were killed,proven via terminal

3.peter was hung by rictofen,not suicide

4.ray gun was not a DG weapon,the plans were stolen from japs,proven via terminal

5.the voice in shi no numma radio is of cornelius pernell,peter's handler,not a der riese spy,proven via terminal

6.peter's last name is McCain (McKayne)

7.dempsey was captured and tested on,and then (poular theory,not mine) he programed the crew to go to shi no numma where he lured peter to his death

any one want to poke the rest of the holes ???

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I had a little theory about ray gun origins.

First it ended up to group 935 when they found blueprints from rising sun facility. And then Maxis was able to put one together and porter later developed upgraded model.

Now we come to the part how Japanese got it. It all comes to hollow earth where Vrill aliens also lived. The ray gun was their technology that ended up to Japanese. Note that in single player the statues that have ray guns rise from underground (hollow earth).

Also to the op, I will read it after you put in paragraphs. :D

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