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Guest iB Proto

I thought this was obvious? Pistols, SMGs, and the like are generally lighter weight than others.

Ballistic Knife/Spectre/CZ Dual Wield* > WonderWeapons/SMG's/Pistol's/Shotgun's* > AR's/Sniper's > LMG's

I've tested out the Spectre & it is faster then every other SMG, it seems to run just as IF NOT faster then the Ballistic Knife. According to some other forumers the CZ Dual Wields also have this 'extreme' mobility. I was curious if there are any other guns people are aware of that have 'extreme' mobilities.

*Not Confirmed.

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Guest Zombieofthedead

Ok, there is NO way that it is faster than a pistol. Also, have to mention that I have never heard that the spectre was faster, I still think its a rumor. Maybe it just seems faster? If it really is faster than a pistol, pretty sure 3 arc just screwed up.

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Guest xFaTaLx RaMpAgE

When I have a ballistic knife and stamin-up, it feels like I'm Usein Bolt. I can get out of the stickiest situations becuase of the speed I have the zombies just miss me.

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Interesting, but this hero is to OP. Numbers are too high and movement speed vs cooldown vs cost to cast has no draw backs.

Btw Movement speed max's out 500+ & speed dash gives you 1200?? unless your forcefully pushed in a direction at X speed you shouldn't be able to move any faster than that for normal movement.

Divide movement speed by 5-8 and damage by 2-3.

As for the format of draft it's okay. +1 for trying

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