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Possible Mule Kick glitch (anyone else have this problem?)

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So, I went on to Kino today, to have a bit of a mess around, you know, just, see how I did, nothing serious, when I noticed there was no Mule Kick. I'd noticed this before, when I was playing Ascension and Der Riese, but had put it down to the patch being relatively new (at the time). I was definitely logged into PSN, as I kept getting messages of friends, but there was no Mule Kick. Is this a glitch, is my PS3 acting stupid, or is this a real problem? Anyone else experience it? Please let me know, it's really annoying me.

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This is a pretty common glitch for me. It appears to happen the majority of the time when I'm playing Split-Screen. I don't really care because I never get Mule Kick, such a useless perk.

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Guest Newsonce97

Maybe. I like getting it because then I can have the upgraded crossbow, thundergun (or whatever wonder weapon) and a wall weapon (m16 normally), and if i go down, i fire a crossbow shot, run and get my perks, then get my wall weapon back. It doesn't bother me too much not having it, it just gets annoying when I expect to see it there.

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I believe that if you play offline or at least start a game offline, Mulekick won't spawn; I'm not %100 certain that it is like that for everyone, but it is for me at least

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