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Guest twguy115

Common Theme?

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Guest twguy115

Hey guys, so this is my first topic here so im open for criticism lol anyway, I found a sort've common theme looking back on Zombies and this is a Master/Assistant theme. Now when I say this i'm refering to Maxis and Richtofen, Gersch and Yuri, Brock and Gary, maybe even Schuester and Groph. Now this seems like a vauge and bleak theme but really think about it...What if these are reflections of Richtofen and Maxis's relationship? Maxis is head of command and never trusted Edward, Gersch never trusted Yuri, and Brock never heeded Gary's warnings. Maybe in the future more Relationships like this will be revealed or maybe there are some im overlooking, but these caught my eye and i thought it would be interest to share :) tell me of any flaws you find or if something seems amiss!

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Guest Blamco177


I've seen recurring themes before, yet I haven't caught onto this one.

Very interesting in the terms of what we may see later on.

Possibly we may see who "controls" Takeo (He is a badass, he don't need rules!) since he does seem like someone that still has a mission to carry out other than killing Rictofen.

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Guest Ehjookayted

Science vs. Religion/Church vs. State is perhaps the biggest underlying theme in the entire story. This is a prevalent motif :)

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