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Guest killallzombies

some analasis of kino

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Guest killallzombies

ive found odd quotes from the monkey and the crew and the autio clips on the wii version of kino

1.The Monkey

im coming sam

does this mean that the monkeys and teddy bears come to sam?

or does this mean dead souls pass through the pyramid

explaining why rictofen hears voices when he was shocked

2.The Radios

they explain how test # 2-6 is responding among other things

like how he attacked a handdler

BUT it explains why-a fire alarm

so who tripped it



no i belive stiener

in the campain he brainwashes people like they try to brainwash zombies

also on the intel it says he is part of the wunderwaffe project

i do not belive its rictofen because it makes only 1 or so refrences to him

i belive rictofen wasnt even at kino until he arrives with the gang so it probably isnt him

another thing-where were they testing 2-6

it doesnt sound like kino

fire alarms and other details

plus if they were just controling them in kino it wouldnt link with the rest of the story

i belive the reels and radios were recorded pre-kino and placed there for future refrence

3.who is trying to get in

at the end of reel 3 u hear someone trying to get in maxis's office,could this be where the outbreak began


he helped create nova 6 and he was part of the wunderwaffe project

so i belive he created the nova crawlers and started the outbreak

5.Could peter have been there

the main point-could he've

the snn radio said somthing like this-i hope it hasnt happened THERE to

no one really explained where there was

i belive it was kino

by the time the transmission made it to snn verruckt already broke but der riese hadnt

so it could only have been kino or CotD

tell me how i did (i really dont do to many big post)

ill tiddy it up once i find some more quotes and other items of importance :)

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Guest killallzombies

thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

i made this post and no one ever posted :( until now :)

(i would give you brains but i gave you some no more than an hour or so ago) :)

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Guest wunderpancake

Thanks, welcome, and ill wait for da brains!!!!

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Guest killallzombies

Thanks, welcome, and ill wait for da brains!!!!

i pm'd u

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