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Guest Ehjookayted

Educate Me Please

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Guest Ehjookayted

Hi guys! I'm OBSESSED with zombies, only the gameplay part. I'm really into techniques and crafting creative combos as well as developing new and intriguing strategies.

HOWEVER, I am unfamiliar with the deeper sides of the storyline. I know what happens with Maxis, 115, the basic Illuminati involvement. What are the basics I need to know and are there any stories I can read to help up my game in this area of zombies?

I've seen BlindBusDrvr's stories but they are rather long for me to read :)

Perhaps a summary for now will suffice?


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Guest jtgossett

Ok, so there was a group of scientists called group 935, in it was Richtofen and Maxis. Richtofen was working on teleporters,Maxis took the designs and called them his own ,later Richtofen was reassigned and created the dg2, then they started experiments to "improve the human condition" that made zombies and our main characters, then richtofen went looney,killed maxis and his girl, and then went to the swamp, then they returned to der riese, then the went to kino, then ascension , and so on

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Guest Ehjookayted

Oh no, I know that stuff, I'm talking about the theories and stuff, and the different interpretations the story takes on after you get past those barebones.

But thanks anyway :D

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Guest gabbehhh

I'd say to just read all the parts to BlindBusDrvr's stories because he honestly does a great job and it's worth the read. You could also look into what AlphaSnake has to say because he also has a lot of excellent interpretations.

I'll try to summarize it the best I can though. Here goes..

As you know, Group 935 was trying to create 'Matter Transfer Devices', commonly known as MDTs/Teleporters, through the use of Element 115. Richtofen, however, was working with Dr. Shuster on the teleporter by first teleporting a walnut. Maxis laughed at this creation, but the scientists didn't allow this to discourage them and continued their work behind Dr. Maxis's back. Richtofen was the first living human to teleport. When he teleported, he first teleported to some sort of 'jungle' (Shangri La) and then to a place where it was dark and he felt weightless, which turned out to be the Moon base.

So while teleporting was going great for Richtofen, Maxis was still struggling. Maxis got the teleporters to stop destroying the test subjects, but their minds were lost, creating the first zombies.

I'm sure you're aware of how the hellhounds were created and how Richtofen locked Maxis and Samantha, hoping they would die. However, Samantha managed to teleport with her father, but they were sent to two different locations. Samantha got sent to the pyramid in Griffin Station (Moon) and this gave her the power to control but she wasn't aware of it yet. Maxis was found to talk sense to his daughter but instead said "Kill them all" and a gunshot was heard which killed Maxis and infuriated Samantha.

So basically, as we play through the maps, Samantha is controlling the zombies to avenge her father and Richtofen is gathering all the necessary tools to get back the power to control the zombies and rule the world :twisted:

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Guest nayrc

some brilliant threads by loads of guys on hear,

most of mine are in my sig, there not too long so check them out,

also if you have any questions please ask and me or some one else will answer

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Guest Faust

(What none of you realise is that if you want to get into the deeper stuff, you have to locate the asylum)

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